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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 464497 times)
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« on: January 31, 2011, 05:39:34 PM »

AndrewJackson111's Complicated Political Views!

Economic: Libertarian, Conservative, Goldwaterite.
Unions: Abolish, and ban. They hurt the economy immensely, and really have no use in this country. Workers aren't forced to work.

Taxation: Lower taxes for all brackets. Eliminate estate, excise, gas, and other useless taxes. I am Pro-Taxpayer, and Anti-Tax increases.

Shipping off jobs: Oppose the outsourcing of U.S. Jobs, would support taxes, and tariffs on outsourcing.

Education: Support Private Vouchers, encourage Private schooling, homeschooling, get rid of DOE, let the education system be taken over at the local levels.

Healthcare: Oppose Obamacare, and other forms of leftist healthcare. Oppose Universal Healthcare, and Single payer.

Environment: Don't believe in Climate Change, or Global warming. Sorry Al Gore. Also, want to abolish the EPA, and most regulations on companies.

Illegal Immigration: I support SB 1070, I oppose amnesty, and Want our borders closed! Now!

Energy: Drill baby drill! I support Offshore drilling in Alaska, California, and Florida.

War on Poverty: Oppose it, and it is a failed war.

Affirmitive Action: I oppose this stupid policy, and would support repealing it.

Social Issues: Moderately Liberal, Moderately Libertarian, States rights
Abortion: Strongly Pro-Life. I would support overturning Roe v. Wade, and letting the states decide on the issues.

Gay Rights: I support Gay Marriage, gay adoption, and other gay rights issues.

Gun Rights: I support the 2nd Amendment. I oppose almost all regulations on guns. I oppose the automatic handgun ban.

War on Drugs and Marijuana: I support the war on drugs, and I oppose Marijuana legalization. It's an odd position for a libertarian to hold but I stand by my position on these issues.

Prostitution: Strongly support, and hopefully it'll become a national private business in the future.

Death Penalty: Strongly support. This is a needed form of punishment in today's society.

Stem Cell Research: Support for adult stem cells, oppose for fetus stem cells.

Euthanasia: Support. I am a moral man, on some issues Tongue Families need to have this right!

Foreign Policy: Dove, Libertarian, Pro-Israel Libertarian.
Israel: Support strongly, but oppose military funding.

War on Terror: Mixed. I support it, but it was heavily mismanged. Thanks Dubya...

Iraq: Oppose. Never should've been here.

Afghanistan: Oppose. We have been there waaaaaay to long!

Iran: Oppose any type of sanction against Iran. Would not support war.

North Korea: Oppose going to war with the Koreans.

Defense spending: Cut! CUT! CUT!.....by a lot, it's a bloated beast!

United Nations and NATO: Leave both organizations, no point of being in these idiotic groups.

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