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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 452587 times)
Concerned Citizen
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« on: November 10, 2010, 09:50:12 pm »

Social issues: Libertarian

Abortion: Pro-choice, ban partial birth abortion.  Roe v. Wade should be overturned and the issue left to the states.
Immigration: Interpret 14th Amendment correctly (children of foreign citizens do not qualify for birthright citizenship, as the authors of the amendment made quite clear - Chinese immigration being a major political issue of the time).  Allow free movement across the border, but people must apply for citizenship normally.  End all quotas.
Marriage: Has absolutely nothing to do with government.  Any two consenting adults should be allowed to legally designate each other as next of kin regardless of their relation or genetic attributes, or to file a joint tax return.
Flag Burning: A fundamental right.
Free Speech: A fundamental right.  End all government censorship initiatives immediately.
War on Drugs: Legalize all drugs, pardon all non-violent drug "offenders."
Affirmative Action: Private entities should be allowed to discriminate as they see fit, but government should not.  (Neither should government funds be provided to institutions that discriminate).
Gun control: Mandatory background checks for everyone.  Otherwise, people should be encouraged to carry guns.  There'd be a lot less gun violence (although the vast majority of it would already be done away with along with the War on Drugs),
Death Penalty: Against.  Dozens of innocents have likely perished already.
Voluntary Euthanasia: If a person is of sound mind and not under duress, it absolutely should be legal.
Draft: No draft except in times of absolute necessity.
Patriot Act, domestic spying, etc.: 4th amendment rights must be respected in all instances, including electronic spying.
Stem Cell Research: Stem cell research of all kinds should be completely legal, including cloning, but it should not be funded by the federal government.
States Rights: Allow nullification.  State national guards should be under state control.  Secession is out of line without a constitutional amendment.
Three Strikes Law: Awful.  Get rid of, and commute sentences of victims who didn't commit egregious violent crimes.
Prostitution: Completely legalize (at ages above the consent level), with requirements that sex workers undergo regular STD testing.
Separation of Church and State: Government should be secular, but that doesn't mean that federal funds can't go to anything religious or that the currency can't say "In God we trust" etc.  I'm an atheist, FWIW.
Electoral College: Archaic relic that should be abolished in favor of nationwide approval voting.
Foreign Policy: Humble, do not interfere in things that are not our business.  End the wars immediately.  Bring the troops home from Germany, Japan, South Korea etc.  Focus on free trade agreements and maintaining friendship.
War on Terror: End.
Palestine: None of our business.
Israel: Maintain cordial relations.  No foreign aid to Israel or any other country.
War in Iraq: End now.
Iran: Ignore.
North Korea: Ignore.
9/11: An unfortunate event.
Afghanistan: End now.
Pakistan: Maintain cordial relations.  Ignore.
Torture: Something we absolutely should not do.
Diplomacy: No poking around in things that aren't our business, just try to be nice without asking for or giving anything.
Free Trade Agreement: Should be allowed with all countries where people are not enslaved.
Military involvement: Should never happen.

Economic Issues: Libertarian

Taxes: Should be a consumption tax w/ rebate, and as low as possible.
Welfare: "Workfare" in which people would perform community service in return for guaranteed employment would be okay, if it were made a voluntary program for each state.
Trade: See above.
Health Care: Free market.  End licensing monopolies that artificially restrict supply and jack up prices, as well as public-private boondoggles that boost prices exponentially.  In the short term a voucher program like Paul Ryan's suggestion would be helpful.
Spending: Should be vastly lower than it is now.
Education: Should be handled at the local level only.
Regulations: Should only be for reasonable safety purposes or environmental necessity.
Concerned Citizen
Posts: 9,119

« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2011, 05:57:37 pm »
« Edited: April 26, 2011, 06:21:20 pm by I was looking at his pant leg and his perfectly creased pant »

Everything: Abolish government.

I'll just go through my "disputed among libertarians" positions then:

Gays should not be allowed to join the military.  Neither should women.  Neither should men.

Abolish the Federal Reserve but go to a Friedmanite system (full-reserve banking and fixed monetary base but no gold standard); abolish legal tender laws.

Democracy should be abolished.

Government tyranny should be abolished in all cases, but if it must be prioritized it should be destroyed in the following order of importance:

1. Domestic wars.
2. Foreign wars.
3. "Helping" people in foreign countries.
4. "Helping" people in this country. (welfare for the rich can be abolished before welfare for the poor, though both are bad)

So-called "right-to-work" laws are a tyrannical infringement of the right to freely assemble.  Instead states should nullify the Wagner Act.

School vouchers are an improvement over government schools, as are healthcare vouchers over the present system, although healthcare and eduction tax deductions like Ron Paul has proposed would be still better (though not nearly "good").
Concerned Citizen
Posts: 9,119

« Reply #2 on: May 07, 2012, 10:38:30 pm »

Minty also wants to abolish the tyranny of capitalization. Tongue
Concerned Citizen
Posts: 9,119

« Reply #3 on: July 27, 2013, 03:33:32 pm »

Ideally, half the Senate would be up every two years.

Shorter terms = more money in politics

and even more short sighted, election-cycle politics. then again as i've said before i support something like demarchy so what do i know.

But you think nearly all people are idiots...
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