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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 428362 times)
Concerned Citizen
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United States

« on: November 10, 2010, 09:49:29 pm »

Social Issues
My personal views and views on the stance the government should take are too completely different things.  On the one hand, everyone is irresponsible and stupid to various degrees and shouldn't make important decisions because of their negative impact on society.  For instance, guns should be banned because people leave them out for their kids to get to or do a number of other idiotic things with them.  On the other hand, the government is just as stupid and irresponsible and cannot be trusted with the super-tight regulation I envision in my utopia.  Because of that, I tend to prefer a government more libertarian then my values, though my stance on the issues would still probably be considered authoritarian.  Here are my stances on some hotbutton issues:
  • Abortion: Should be illegal in 2nd and 3rd trimester because a child can survive prematurely outside of the womb after those points.  1st trimester should still be illegal, though restricted.  In the words of Bill Clinton "Legal (1st trimester), Safe, and Rare".
  • Education: Don't abandon public schools.  Keep teacher salaries high to attract the best.  Don't place too much of a focus on standardized testing.
  • Healthcare: Institute a Public Healthcare system along the French model

Domestic Issues
This is basically the same as social issues (in fact the two sections could probably be combined).
  • Drug Legalization: No.  Hard drugs like meth and cocaine have obvious negative effects on society.  Marijuana, the most talked about drug, is like tobaccco + halucigens.  I don't want my lungs or my kids lungs getting poisoned by the filthy smoke and I don't want to have to deal with blazed people driving or doing the stupid stuff high people do.  Part I of that is why I think that cigarettes should be gradually phased out by higher taxes na dthen after a generation made illegal.  Alcohol, in an ideal world, would be made illegal because it causes hundreds of thousands of deaths a year (car crashes, domestic violence, etc.) but it is too ingrained in our society as the prohibition of the 1920's demonstrated.
  • Gun Control: Ban assault weapons and make concealed weapons illegal.  Private citizens only need guns for hunting and protection.  Substantial background checks should be required before the purpose of any weapon.
  • Environment: There is no evidence that man is causing climate change on a large scale (AKA Global Warming) at the rate the whistleblowers would like you to believe.  Regardless, pollution should be cut down on through regulation and taxes in the name of sanitation.  I don't want my children to develop asthma because they lived in a city or other area with a high pollutant count.  Also, preserve the forest for the next generation; In the spirit of Theodore Roosevelt.

Economic Issues
Balanced Budget is at the core of my economic philosophy.  I don't care about the size of government so much; so long as it is streamlined to prevent waste I am ok with a lot of government programs.  Taxes should be raised or lower to insure that the government has enough money to pay its expenditures.  If you don't like seeing your taxes raised suck it up; you can't have your cake and eat it.  I say no to the flat tax.  Chaining our government's income reliant on the performance of the economy is a bad thing.  Social Security needs to be restructured; I don't have anything to lose because at the rate things are ghoing now it will be insolvent long before I retire.

International Issues
On the Issues:
  • Free Trade: Is a net good thing.  However, free trade should not be conducted with countries that practice human rights abuses or nations that cause undue harm to the environment.
  • Immigration: Legal immigration is great and should be made easier.  Current illegal immigrants that are here currently should be given a path to citizenship; military service or a work program should grant them and their dependants citizenship.  The borders need to be clamped down on and security needs to be amped to stop terrorists and drug smugglers.
  • Energy: Start investing in alternative energy now.  Put a lot of money into NASA to develop solar and fusion power.  Space-based solar power is the future.

After reading all of that, what US party do you think I belong in or should I stay an independent?
Concerned Citizen
Posts: 7,011
United States

« Reply #1 on: December 12, 2011, 06:41:19 pm »

Nihilist?  I dunno.
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