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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 427772 times)
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Political Matrix
E: 8.39, S: -4.35

« on: January 12, 2010, 10:32:37 pm »
« edited: January 12, 2010, 10:39:47 pm by SvenssonRS »

Social: Mostly Libertarian

Abortion: Pro-choice.

Gay marriage: Personally support, and support keeping it a state issue.

Flag burning: Support banning it. Anyone who hates the country that much, I feel, should just leave it.

Illegal drugs: Support marijuana as a medical remedy. Believe in rehabilitation over punishment.

Stem-Cell Research: Support fully, but believe in holding off funding until better economic times.

Patriot Act: Repeal it like repealing is going out of style.

State's Rights: Support fully and without question.

Gun Control: Entirely against, with the exception of background checks.

Prayer in Public Schools: Oppose personally, but again, state issue. If Alabama and Oklahoma want it, let them have it.

Electoral College: Support.

Draft: Only when absolutely necessary.

Death Penalty: Support in extreme cases. If we'd just fried Manson when we first had the chance, taxpayers would be all the wealthier.

Three Strikes Laws: Oppose.

Foreign Policy - Fairly Leftist

Iraq: Shouldn't have even gone there.

Afghanistan: Is becoming a disaster. We're still not winning, Mr. President.

Iran: Should not be negotiated with so long as Amadinejad is in power. Support the protesters to...somewhat scary extents. Another story.

War on Terror: Is a very poor term, really. Intelligence and targeted strikes on leaders should prevail.

Diplomacy and Trade: Support working diplomacy and trade with friendly nations.

Torture: Stop waterboarding, without question.

Interventionism: Oppose unless the country is in immediate danger of attack.

Fiscal/Economic Policy: Centrist

Health Care: Reform is needed, but a government-run system would be crushingly costly in the end. However, we do need to protect those with preexisting conditions.

Social Security: Support as is, because it works.

Taxes: Lower and simplify taxes, plain and simple. The latter would make loopholes much more difficult.

Business: Support small, independent business. Corporations can fend for themselves and if they go under, frankly, who cares.

Welfare: Support efforts to help the working poor, so long as they don't start sinking the budget.

Stimulus and Bailouts: Were an absolute disaster despite good intentions. Support not repeating the mistake.

Deficit: Support balanced budget.

Other: Centrist

Education: Needs some reform, but the current system isn't as terrible as some say. Support homeschooling without question or doubt, due to being homeschooled.

Dept. of Education: Needs to actually do something useful.

Infrastructure: Keep funded and maintained; mainly the state and local government's job.

Environment: Support wildlife protections, and a practical approach to global warming.

Illegal Immigration: Support efforts to make legal immigration more accessible.

Ballot Access: Support allowance of access to all major third parties.

Debate Access: Allow any candidate - Presidential or Congressional - full debate access if they poll more than 15% in their respective race.
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