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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 437413 times)
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Political Matrix
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« on: August 12, 2010, 05:44:10 pm »

Social Issues

Abortion: Oppose except when it comes to rape and to protect a mother's life and health
Separation of church and state: Support
Gay Marriage: Oppose, but I support giving gay couples all the same rights as married couples
Affirmative Action: Support for financial status. Oppose for race.
Gun rights: I believe in some gun control (background checks, etc.) everywhere. However, call me hypocritical, but I support more restrictions on guns in areas with low crime rates (but not in areas with high crime rates).
Death Penalty: Support only when a criminal confesses to a particular crime and is judged mentally sane.
Censorship: Strongly oppose
Flag burning: Strongly oppose
Smoking: Support public bans and high taxes
Alcohol consumption: Support, legal age should be kept at 21
Euthanasia: Support in some, but not all, cases.
Drugs: Oppose legalization right now. However, when weed becomes legalized, I would support legalizing certain other drugs and placing very high taxes on them.
Gambling: Support, legal age should be kept at 21.
Prostitution: Support legalization
Embryonic Stem Cell Research: Strongly support
Immigration: Support open borders and increasing quotas.
Illegal Immigration: Oppose amnesty

Economic Issues

Taxes: Progressive tax
Employers and Employees: Support unions, strikes, etc.
Free trade: Oppose
Spending: Support when it comes to social welfare

Social Security: Oppose privatization
Space Program: Support
Welfare: Support
Healthcare: Support socialized medicine and a public option
Education: Support vouchers
Minimum Wage: Support an increase
Regulation: Strongly support
Energy Policy: Support alternative/renewable energy research and nuclear plants
Environment: Generally support

Foreign Issues

United Nations: Support
Afghanistan: Support
Iraq: Strongly oppose
Israel: Support
Iran: Favor military strikes if diplomacy fails
North Korea: Favor multilateral approach
Patriot Act: Strongly Oppose
Torture: Strongly Oppose
Military Involvement: Varies by circumstance

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Posts: 13,987

Political Matrix
E: -5.23, S: -2.52

« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2011, 04:05:40 pm »

Social Issues:
Abortion: I am pro-life in most cases. Abortion should be banned expect in cases of maternal life, maternal health, rape, and fetal abnormalities.

Death Penalty: If abolishing the death penalty saves money, I'm all in favor of abolishing it.

Drugs: Weed and possibly some other less harmful drugs should be legalized. As for hard drugs, legalization/decriminalization should be done on a cases by case basis.

Euthanasia: It should be allowed if someone is critically ill and mentally sane. Otherwise, it should not be allowed.

Gay Marriage: Oppose gay marriage, support civil unions with all the benefits of married couples.

Gun Rights: There should be strict background checks and waiting periods for everyone before getting guns. Possessing guns while high/drunk should be illegal. As for overall gun policy, I would favor having strict gun control everywhere except in areas/cities with high crime rates (where gun control should be looser).

Immigration: There should be strict border controls. I would favor some kind of amnesty for illegals without criminal records as long as they wait behind those immigrants that came here legally and as long as they back all the taxes that they owe.

Prostitution: It should be legal and regulated. If someone wants to have sex for money, they should be entitled to.

Separation of Church and State: Creationism should not be taught in public schools. Other than that, the status quo should be maintained, I guess.

Stem Cell Research: I wholeheartedly support non-embryonic stem-cell research. As for embryonic stem-cell research, I would support it if the embryos were going to be thrown away or destroyed anyway, and I guess I would oppose it otherwise. Still, this is an issue that I'll need to think about a little more.

Economic Issues:
Affirmative Action: Favor affirmative action by income, oppose affirmative action by race or gender.

Education: We should focus more on math and science and get more qualified teachers, I guess.

Environment: Support cap-and-trade and other efforts to help the environment.

Fiscal Policy: Support drastically reducing or eliminating deficits in the long term. I support tax raises on the wealthy and spending cuts on defense and other sectors to reduce the deficit. Deficits should be okay during recessions, as long as they are not too large. Also, I would prefer it if "entitlement programs" for the poor and middle class don't get cut (or at least, don't get cut that much).

Health Care: Support a public option and possibly single-payer healthcare as well.

Social Security: Favor cutting benefits for wealthy retirees. Benefit cuts for poor and middle class Americans should be either small or nonexistent, though.

Taxation: Support higher taxes on the wealthy. If absolutely necessary, I might be willing to support some tax hikes on the middle class as well.

Unions: Neutral. I don't really care one way or the other.

Foreign Issues:
Iraq: We should withdraw most or all of our troops out of there as soon as possible. Invading Iraq was a large mistake and the country seems to be recovering now.

Israel: The U.S. should strongly support Israel but also work towards creating a two-state solution in the region.

Military: Support the servicemembers of the military. However, military spending should be significantly cut after we withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Intervention: Support intervention to protect national interests and/or human life. Otherwise, I generally oppose intervention.

Nuclear Weapons: The U.S. should jointly pursue partial disarmament along with Russia and the other nuclear weapons-states. The U.S. should keep some nukes until all other nuclear weapons-states agree to completely disarm, though.

What do you guys think of my political positions?
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