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October 20, 2020, 12:28:35 PM

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« on: November 08, 2009, 04:14:09 AM »

Social Issues

Abortion: I'm pro-choice, for the most part. I do support a ban on partial birth abortions.
Secularism: A clear separation of church and state is necessary for a thriving democracy. That means no creationism in public schools, establishing taxation of churches and other religious organizations, and no school prayer in public schools. Also, no more faith based initiatives.
Marriage: I do not think government has a place defining any contracts between individuals, only the enforcement of such. However, in absence of that, we must advocate marriage equality under the law.
Affirmative Action: Not only is it ineffective, it is overwhelmingly discriminatory against all races. End all affirmative action policies endorsed by the government immediately.
Gun rights: Achieve a reasonable medium. We can't allow the free sale of guns nor can we allow the free carrying of guns. Designate sportsmen zones. Require background checks before all gun purchases. A blanket policy won't work, give states and cities authority to regulate firearms.
Death Penalty: Completely against. A barbaric punishment no better than the crime likely to have been committed.
Censorship: Eliminate censorship. An obstruction to access of information and more dangerous to the public than anything that may be censored under such policies.
Flag burning: Allow, of course, maintaining public safety in the process.
Hate crimes/speech: Legislate and enforce. Make no distinction between any races, religions, or genders or sexualities protected under such legislation.
Smoking: Restrict in public places, allow in privacy of home.
Alcohol consumption: Lower drinking age to 18.
Euthanasia: No reason not to allow. It is far more humane than the painful deaths many medical problems can cause.
Drugs: Legalize recreational drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, and LSD. Enforce strict laws against hard drugs like heroin and meth.
Gambling: A local/state issue.
Prostitution: A local/state issue.
Embryonic Stem Cell Research: The government doesn't need to be involved in funding. Private companies will invest in research, they will be the ones profiting from it anyways.
Immigration: Create a path to citizenship for those who have not broken any other laws. Enforce stricter border patrols, and work to rebuild Mexico so that the border problem is less of a threat.
Civil Liberties: Eliminate all provisions of the PATRIOT Act, end wiretapping.
Language: English as the official language.

Economic Issues

Taxes: Decrease taxes when possible. Do NOT cut taxes in strong economic times without cutting spending (Bush tax cuts). Direct tax cuts to working families.
Employers and Employees: Weaken organized labor's vice grip on American industry. Enforce strong work safety standards and inspections of workplaces regularly.
Free trade: Free trade is good for the economy and for freedom.
Spending: Cut spending where possible. Eliminate waste. Cut military spending. Attempt to balance budget every year, or even achieve a surplus. Focus spending on the issues that most affect Americans, not political pet projects and overseas intervention.
Social Security: Abolish. The system is unsustainable and the income cap is useless in ensuring effectiveness of the program.
Space Program: Explore and fund.
Welfare: A safety net is required. Streamline welfare programs for efficiency. Drug testing for recipients. Scale back benefits over prolonged periods of time.
Healthcare: Public option, tort reform, MSAs, and allowing purchases across state lines will all contribute to making health care less expensive, more effective, and much more accessible.
Education: Increase funding, expand opportunities for public education. Stricter requirements for teachers to ensure a quality education for our youth.
Minimum Wage: Keep at a reasonable level.
Regulation: Enforcement is key. Also, government oversight of working conditions and making sure tax fraud is not committed.
Infrastructure: Use infrastructure projects to create public jobs for the unemployed.
Energy Policy: Move towards "alternative" energy. Decrease dependence on foreign oil. Allow off-shore drilling. Encourage stricter EPA standards for automobiles.

Foreign Issues

United Nations: I don't like the UN, but we must remain there to retain our influence.
Iraq & Afghanistan: Withdrawal on an incremental basis.
Iran: Work to rebuild relations with Iran. Sit down at the negotiating table.
North Korea: Stand our ground.
Israel: There is no reason for us to support Israel. Let Israel support themselves.
Military Involvement: Attack only if attacked or provoked in manner that requires immediate and decisive action.
Military Budget: Cut spending, increase efficiency.
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