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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 428759 times)
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« on: September 20, 2009, 05:01:13 pm »

Ok here we go, all answers are for Canada


Pot made legal.  But on thes condishons 1: Special Tax, make that alown prophitable for Ottawa.  2: You need a licance to grow (or selling) it, that involves a test (witch you pay for) and a $300 fee.  3:  If you are cought selling or growing with out a licance thats a $1,000 fee and possible jail time.  Everything else illegal, but detox centers funded by the government should be set up.


Make it leage, make it clean.  That fixes alot of things alown.  Keep the govenrment involved to make sure there is NO abuse at all.


Personly I dont like it.  BUT I am pro choce.  People have the rights to decied what to do with thier own bodies and such.

Gay Marriage:

Its legal... it should be legal.  If two people love one another why not let them marry?


Money is pretty much out dated with the creation of Debit Cards.  Some money (paper and coins) should always be kept in cerculation but have most but onto cards.  Its simpler that way.

Central Banks:

A Central Bank works as a good anchor for other banks.  But I dont like the idea of just having one bank.


Really!  Welfare should exist but be more like Unemployment Insurance.  IF you can work you should be lookng for work.  If you can and your not looking for work you dont get help.  If you cant work then the government helps all they can.  I hate people that are lazy and just mooch and get thier way in life payed for free and they just sit back and drink all day and night never lifting a ing finger.  (sorry....)


Simply, the more you make the more you pay.


Pull out.  Small alliances would be better.


Is now completely useless.  We need to reform it or just go back to nations deailg with one another normally.


Second we have the chance to leave do so.  Free trade is hurting us.  America gives us a hard time about our soft wood lumber... sell it to China and India who want it.

The British Commonwealth & La Francophonie:

A statement to Canadian history and heritage.  Good system of friends and allies.  Build off of that (for now) for a stronger Canada.

Native Policy:

All extra rights removed.  Make them the same as the rest of Canada.  Its raciest to treat people differently do to their heritage or race, NOT racism is treating every one same.


Democracy is good.  But I still like a more centrally biased and organized government.


Have a stronger stance on Canadian History.  And you can not graduate without speaking both English and French.  You cant get payed more then 8.50 unless you pass gr. 12.  gr. 13 should be a year of boot camp.  So people will know how to defend themselves, and help create a more unified nation.

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