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October 29, 2020, 05:53:58 AM

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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 462226 times)
Teddy (IDS Legislator)
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« on: May 15, 2011, 09:37:54 PM »


Abortion:  While I don't like to push my morality directly on others, I still can't
deny that a fetus after is certain period of time is life.  This is one of those
issues where I'd be inclined to support the rights to life over the right to choose.

Gay Marriage:  I don't personally support gay marriage.  However, I don't think it's
the duty of the government to decide what marriage is.  This is an issue to be left to
religions, civil unions, and not the federal government.  In the argument of
for against adoption, I have no problem with a child being adopted by such a couple.  
If America allowed adoptions to be more accessible, and not as expensive as it
currently is, I believe more children would grow up in a stable home.  That being
said, I would hope any parent wouldn't try to push an anti-traditional or anti-"gay"
view on a child.

Gun Control:  I am a very strong supporter in second amendment rights Tongue  I believe
that the founders recognized that the government needed to be aware that the citizes
it serves, have the ability to usurp their power.  This may sound radical but, I
believe this was the mentality the writers of the constitution had.  I do support
waiting periods, background checks, and the forfeiting of this right to criminals.  
However, in most cases, I will support the right to bear arms.

Death Penalty: Under no circumstances.  I can't morally support the right to life on
the abortion issues, yet deny that same right to a criminal.  Besides the fact that I
don't think we should kill off "undesirables", it's also not cost-effective to our
judicial system.  The appeals of a capital trial cost quite a large sum.

Drugs: Legalize drugs.  The Federal government should not be in the business of
telling me I can't take some drug.  Ron Paul actually made sense in saying, "I don't
know anyone who would go out and shoot up a needle tomorrow if the Federal government
legalized drugs." (Something to that effect).  All the people I know who would be
susceptible to taking a drug, already do. To much money has been wasted on an issue
that can never be controlled.

Prostitution:  I have no problem legalizing prostitution.  However, I'd be worried
about sexual safety so something would have to be done there.  As long as prostitutes
aren't flaunting in the public square, it's not my business.

Immigration:  Protect the borders.  End random lotteries.  This goes without saying,
but these stupid "citizenship tests" are ridiculous and flawed, reform the process!  
Finally, offer those overseas who are currently enrolled in our Universities the
opportunity to become productive citizens.  

Euthanasia:  If someone wants doctor-assisted suicide, I have no problem granting
their wish under certain circumstances.  However, I can't say I could force a doctor
into participation.


Taxes:  Reform the tax code.  If wealthier people couldn't con the system so easily,
perhaps there wouldn't be a problem.  I'm interested in the "Fair tax" but, there's no
general consensus over what the sale tax rate would have to be (22-33%)

Spending:  Domestic spending must be reduced.  Tax revenue alone can't fix our
deficit.  The military MUST be examined for possible spending cuts.  Further, social
programs can't be sustained indefinitely under the current conditions.

Education:  Give the states money to fund their education.  The Federal government
can't blanket educational reform or funding across the nation.

Unions:  I have no problem with people getting together to assemble.  What I do have a
problem with, is the necessity of joining a Union.  Also, Union funding for outside
functions is not acceptable.  

Tarrifs:  No, simply no.


Military:  Look at spending cut opportunities.  Find the most cost-effective route,
and take it.  

Iraq:  Useless war that should never have been an issue.  Not to mention they could
have distracted Iran for us.

Israel: Work for talks of a Palestinian state.  Both nations have a right to exist.

Intervention:  Generally, the fact that we need bases in South Korea, Germany, Japan,
ect is ridiculous.  How much money are we spending to maintain these?  No, we
shouldn't completely isolate ourselves.  However, isolation isn't the concept as non

That's my general 5 minute mock-up.  Yes, I did reference Ron Paul Tongue .  I got a bit lazy when I got to foreign policy so that's why it's shorter.  I've certainly missed something, and not fully
developed my points but, what do you want for a summary?

I agree with the end result of all of your values, but not your methods of getting there.
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