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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 429221 times)
Free Palestine
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« on: September 26, 2009, 03:10:40 pm »

National Issues

I believe that the federal government should be smaller, and in-line with the Constitution.  Important social issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage should be left to the states, as should other things like education.  We should bring the quarter-million troops stationed overseas home, reduce the defense budget, protect our borders, and most of all, stop being the police of the world.

In addition, the president's power should be reduced.  He (or she) should no longer have unilateral power, and the status of a national preacher and messiah.  The 17th and 22nd Amendments should be repealed, also.

Social Issues

I am pro-choice, but I oppose partial-birth abortion.

Same-Sex Marriage
Support, but I would like it if all marriages, gay and straight, were legally "civil unions."

Affirmative Action

Make it safe and legal through regulation by the state.

Make marijuana legal, but keep all hard drugs blacklisted.  Focus on treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicted criminals.

Gang Violence
Gangs are pretty much terrorist organizations.  They commit brutal acts of violence and make innocent people afraid to come out of their homes.  Scale up the fight against gangs.  Make it safe for people in Compton and South-Central to go outside at night.

Teach sex-ed and abstinence.  Let the teenagers make their choice about what path they'd prefer.  More elective classes and flexibility with college entry requirements.  Teach in more depth about American government.

No official language, but public schools should do their best to teach proficiency in the language.


At the federal level, replace the income tax with the "FairTax."  At the state level, I support progressive taxation.

The federal government should stop sending our money overseas.  We should use our money for things that benefit us.

Health Care
Unsure.  I support the idea of health care, but I think there needs to be a solution that can respect the rights of states, and bridge the gap between left and right.

The environment should be protected.

We need to cure our addiction to foreign oil.
Free Palestine
Concerned Citizen
Posts: 8,026
United States
Political Matrix
E: -10.00, S: -10.00

« Reply #1 on: July 16, 2012, 04:40:22 pm »

I'll try...

I consider myself an anarchist, first of all.  But I'll try to discus my views in the context of liberal, bourgeois society, rather than a bunch of theoretical "abolish everything" stuff.

Abortion -- I've mentioned this before.  In regards to abortion, I'm a total bastard -- I think the social attitudes towards abortion and fetuses should be totally changed, so that aborting an unwanted fetus isn't a big deal, regardless of trimester or reason.  And I believe that as the fetus is in the individual's body, the decision whether or not to abort it is up to nobody but the individual who has the fetus in their body.

Drugs -- I believe that "soft" drugs should be completely legalized.  "Hard" drugs that pose a serious risk to society (like meth) should have their sale banned perhaps, but not their possession or usage.

Foreign policy & defense -- I think the U.S. should cut off all non-humanitarian aid to Israel.  I think the U.S. army should be gutted.

And, actually, I think that the U.S. should just break up into a bunch of smaller states, united by some EU-like supranational entity.

I believe that Bradley Manning is awesome, and I absolutely despise the whole "Bradley Manning is a traitor" and/or "hang Bradley Manning" crowd.

Basically, I hate the U.S. government.


I think non-commercial filesharing should be legal.

I believe that gender is a social construct, and not biological.  I would support a completely genderless society, though I'm wary of the sort of cultural revolution that would be required to make such a thing happen.  I can't stand liberal feminists.

I think the world would be a better place if people at least waited a long while to have kids.  Yes, having kids at like 40 increases risk for defects, but that's what abortion is for!  I can't stand hippy-dippy types who say "what's so wrong with having kids at 13, man?"

I despise tradition.  My particular cultural pet peeve is when women take their husband's last name and/or give their kids the father's last name.

I dislike monogamy.  And I don't care much for the nuclear family.

I think that conscription is a great moral evil.

I think Iran should be left alone.

If, say, aliens invaded and killed a bunch of us, and the choice was between humans dying off and humans going back to the values of 3,000 BCE (men fight and do all the important stuff, women shut up and have tons of babies) in order to survive, I'd probably pick the former option.
Free Palestine
Concerned Citizen
Posts: 8,026
United States
Political Matrix
E: -10.00, S: -10.00

« Reply #2 on: July 16, 2012, 08:53:40 pm »

Oh yeah, and I highly oppose gun control.
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