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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 428211 times)
Atlas Star
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« on: June 06, 2009, 12:42:38 am »

Abortion: I don't like it, but Roe v. Wade  is the law of the land. Repealing the SCOTUS decision creates legal anarchy which is even worse.

Separation of church and state: Keep the churches out of the government and the government out of the churches so that both can have some independence and integrity.

Affirmative action: Necessary and appropriate as a correction in some places -- overblown issue. Nepotism is bigger.

Gun control: The "well-regulated militia" clause is often forgotten; that obviously excludes criminals, addicts, lunatics, illegal aliens, and others that one doesn't want as part of a "well-regulated militia"... other than that, firearms are much a part of American life.

Death penalty: Barbarous!

Flag burning: Does more harm to the reputations of those who burn Old Glory as a form of protest; better that a$$holes burn a flag than that a$$holes in government burn books that they don't want us to read.

Euthanasia: Dislike, but I can think of worse.

Gay Marriage: What's the problem?

Prostitution: The criminalization of prostitution causes more problems than it solves.l

Immigration: Fair wages for HB-1A... now!

Drugs: Legalize Marijuana but crack down on the rest.

Economic Issues

Taxes: I'd rather earn more money and pay more taxes -- wouldn't you?
Health Care: Too old not to care.
Trade: Our trading partners do not deserve blame for our own faults.
Spending: Eliminate or reform ineffective programs and cut military.
Welfare: Should be strictly a temporary safety net. Corporate welfare is a travesty.
Education: Let's have free (tax-paid) education for anyone who can reasonably derive benefit from it.
Regulations: Support antitrust/ monopoly regulations.

Foreign Policy

Military Involvement: Only if the President can live by an honor code.

Israel: Support right to exist.
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