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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 428436 times)
Nicodeme Depape
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United States

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« on: December 11, 2008, 12:59:40 pm »

    Social Issues:

    • Abortion: Defend Roe. Ban partial birth abortion except in the case of the life of the mother. Have a 48 eight hour waiting period.
    • Gay Marriage: Total equality from marriage to adoption.
    • Affirmative Action: Make it class/income based.
    • Gun Control: We need strong gun control.
    • Death Penalty: It's barbaric. The justice system is fallible, we cant put life in fallible hands. End it.
    • Euthanasia: Regulated euthanasia to prevent abuse.
    • Prostitution: Regulated brothels. No street walking. Require protection and disease checks.
    • Drug War: End the war on drugs. Legalize soft drugs. Make drug industry government owned. Illegalize dealing.
    • Censorship: Censorship is bad. Simply make sure the audience is informed of any thing that could offend.
    • Civil Liberties: End the Patriot Act. No torture. No wiretaps. Defend Habeas Corpus. " Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. "
    • Immigration: Establish a way for illegal immigrants to attain citizenship. Require proficiency in English and paying a fine.
    • Language: Make English the national language. Require proficiency in English and only promise government documents in English.

      Economic Issues:

      • Healthcare: Move to a single payer system, and establish a National Health Care service.
      • Welfare: Welfare to work programs for able bodied workers. Generous welfare for the disabled.
      • Social Security: Reform it and increase spending. No privatization.
      • Education: No vouchers. Increase spending. Work to make College open to all.
      • Income Tax: Drastically increase taxes on the rich. Maintain status quo on Middle Class. Exempt very poor from taxes.
      • Corporate Tax: Keep corporate tax the same, but weed out loopholes.
      • Spending: Increase spending on Social Services. Increase government efficiency. Implement Pay as you go.
      • Minimum Wage: Establish a living wage.
      • Regulation: Drastically increase regulation in order to level the playing field. Decrease regulation on establish a new business however.
      • Infrastructure: Increase spending and work to renew our transportation systems. Support public transportation.
      • Energy Policy: An Apollo like effort for alternative energy. Increase nuclear based power in the mean time. No drilling.
      • Trade Policy: Scrap all free trade agreements.

      Foreign Policy:
      • Iraq: This is an illegal war. Pull out of Iraq and bring all our troops home. No bases.
      • Cuba: Open trade. Normalize relations. Support democracy in Cuba.
      • Israel: Support a two state plan in Israel, while supporting Israels right to exist.
      • Iran: Ignoring our enemies while making demands is idiotic. Meet with their leaders and normalize relations.
      • China: Work to better relations with China while also trying to end their massive exports to us.
      • Military Involvement: Attack only if attacked. Diplomacy should always be used and war should be a last option. No interventionism, we aren't the worlds police.
      • United Nations: Support the UN. Witholding our funds to the UN is an okay tactic to influence them.
      • Foreign Aid: End foreign aid until governments are established in the recipient nations that won't use it on Palaces.

      • NAU: Support a North American Union, with the eventual merge of the US and Canada, and Mexico once its development is up to par.
      • Military: Cut military spending by 40% and reallocate funds to Social programs. Work on diplomacy rather than intimidation. Modernize the army into a smaller but more efficent force meant for self defense rather than intervention.
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