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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 436683 times)
a Person
Concerned Citizen
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« on: December 16, 2012, 08:08:19 am »

Social Policy
Abortion: Pro-choice up to around 22-24 weeks, when brain waves are detected in the higher brain.
Drugs: Legalize most of them and tax. Some restrictions.
Censorship: Bad. Very bad.
Gay marriage: Support marriage being the sole dominion of the church and nationwide civil unions for all.Support nationally legal gay marriage.
Death penalty: Fiscally irresponsible and morally wrong as well.
Prostitution: Legalize it.
Church & state: Keep them pretty far separated, including currency/the pledge and prayer in public schools.
Affirmative action: Oppose it racially-based (kinda pointless), support it economically-based.
Hate crime laws: I really don't get the point of them. People should go to prison, not because of what they thought while they were killing someone, but because they killed someone.
Immigration: Need to simultaneously make it easier for skilled immigrants to come here while cracking down on those who cut in line.
Stem cell research: Fully legal, just not government-funded (that's more a fiscal thing than social, really).
PATRIOT Act: To quote Brian Schweitzer, "I don't want to weaken the PATRIOT Act, I want to repeal it." Fully agree with the ACLU here and in most other areas.
Gun Control: Oppose. Our rights include the right to bear arms.
Assisted suicide: Legalize
Gambling: Legalize

Electoral Reform:
Term limits: Oppose in most cases; I'd prefer looser term limits, maybe 20-30 years.
Statehood: Give it to Puerto Rico and DC if they want it. and treat the combination of American Samoa, Guam, etc. as DC is treated now.
Voting age: Lower to 16
Campaign Finance Reform: Money is speech, but drowning out people's voices is restricting their speech too. Repeal Citizens United.
Voting system: Switch to IRV, abolish the Electoral College.
Gerrymandering: Florida's Fair Districts law should be nationwide.Enshrining 'intent' in law has always struck me as a tremendously bad idea.
Voter ID: Support loose voter ID laws; you have to show something proving you're a real person, whether that's a passport or driver's license or military ID or green card or any other sort of ID, but nothing excessive.

Economic Issues:
Welfare: Put in place significant reforms to ensure it's going to where it can actually help.Replace the current system with a guaranteed minimum income.
Unions: I fully support unions and oppose "union-busting" type stuff.
Privatization: Support in situations where it makes sense (TSA, NASA), oppose in some others (education; education vouchers are an awful idea). I do not see how privatising the TSA or NASA makes sense; if anything, we need to nationalise utilities, resource-extraction, and the like.
Environment: Strongly support the environment; I oppose drilling, in the Gulf and in the ANWR, and I oppose the Keystone pipeline.
Minimum wage: Should probably be steadily increasing at a rate linked to inflation. Abolished with the institution of a guaranteed minimum income.
Taxation: The Fair Tax seems, for lack of a better word, fair.Hell no. Need a clear overhaul.
Healthcare: Oppose Obamacare. A better solution is to allow interstate competition among healthcare providers.single payer
Trade: Free trade in most instances.
Embargo: End the embargoes on Cuba and any other nations we might be embargoing (excluding things like arms).
Pork: Actually can be beneficial in some cases, but needs tighter restraints.
Subsidies: End subsidies of almost everything; let the market work.
Military: Cut military spending severely.

Foreign Policy
War: No wars except in self defense or when we're clearly threatened or when as part of an intergovernmental organisation or helping a movement/group that is legitimately being oppressed and expressly requests US aid. Bring the troops home. Non-interventionism.
Israel-Palestine: Need a swift return to pre-1967 borders, an end to settlements, etc.
Draft: Strongly oppose. 13th Amendment.
UN: The US should work with the UN but shouldn't let it dictate us into wars.
Nukes: We really don't need that many. I'm good with being able to blow up the world 2 or 3 times rather than a few dozen.

Overall: Non-interventionist, moderate capitalist, civil libertarian.

I would not have expected quite this much agreement.
a Person
Concerned Citizen
Posts: 9,751

« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2014, 10:39:36 am »

Social Policy:
Abortion: pro-choice but provide free birth control to everyone so it isn't necessary as often
Gay Marriage: support (sane)
Drugs: drug use of any kind should be decriminalised, marijuana fully legalised
Stem Cell Research: fully support
Death Penalty: sociopathic and immoral
Gun control: support background checks & state registries. oppose restrictions on what kinds of guns can be sold
Affirmative Action: is an inadequate solution. however i strongly support maintaining it until the root causes of racial inequality are eradicated (if ever)
Women's Rights: support an equal rights amendment, nationwide introduction of "yes means yes" consent laws, equal pay, etc

Economic Issues:
Minimum Wage: replace w/ guaranteed minimum income independent of employment
Welfare: see above
Right-to-Work: no
Taxation: higher capital-gains and property taxes, cap on inheritance, lower sales taxes
Healthcare: support a fully single-payer system
Social Security: see above, folded into the minimum income program
Education: integrate all schools (incl. private schools) by race and income, greatly increase funding.
Balanced Budget Amendment: fck no. not while people still follow the cult of norquist.

Foreign Policy and National Security
Iran: actually one of the better countries in the region. try to improve our relationship
Iraq/Syria: the us should have intervened in syria long ago.
Military Spending: significantly reduce
PATRIOT Act: eww no
NSA Spying: ^^
Israel/Palestine: diplomatic recognition of palestine as an independent state. israel must stop further settlements but the current ones can remain
Immigration: eliminate most restrictions on immigration altogether. border control should only be used to prevent smuggling and the like.

Climate Change: is the biggest problem. unilateral geo-engineering is the only solution.
Green Energy: support.
Keystone XL Pipeline: oppose.

Electoral Reform
Electoral College: against. hopefully the npvc will render it irrelevant soon
Gerrymandering: have the courts draw the districts
Presidential term: abolish term limits
Public Financing: strongly support. at the very least citizens united should be overturned
Term limits: no
Voter ID: support if said id's are free and easily available
Voting: expand early/postal voting
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