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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 436905 times)
Countess Anya of the North Parish
Concerned Citizen
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United States

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« on: July 14, 2009, 04:04:15 am »

Social Issues
Abortion: we should have a choice. we have choices on everything else.
Marriage: totally for. Gays have the same rights and should not be classified as different.
Affirmative Action: Reverse racism is completely contrary to the spirit of the constitution. Eliminate and and level the playing field.
Gun rights: I think we should be able to use guns. But we should becarful who we give them to.
Death Penalty: Against since it wuld only increase crime having it.
Censorship: under certain things. but very slim.
Flag burning: Just rude.
Hate crimes: Oppose.
Hate speech: Oppose.
Smoking: Could not care as long as people don't smoke in non smoking areas.
Alcohol consumption: It is one think to drink, another to get drunk and kill someone.
Drugs: Mary Jane should be allowed but not harsher drugs.
Gambling: Don't care how people waiste their money.
Prostitution: legalized but made to keep indoors. As to keep em off the street.
Embryonic Stem Cell Research: Srongly for. could help lots of people.
Immigration: let them come but make it harder.
Language: English and spanish should be the legal lingos.

Economic Issues
Taxes: Strongly support. Helps get funding for muc needed things.
Employers and Employees: I believe all states should pass Right to Work laws.
Free trade:
Spending: Try to spend wisly. not like a shop aholic.
Social Security:
Space Program: Big supporter of. we need to continue to learn abt our universe.
Healthcare: Universal would be best. we should join the rest of the world.
Education: Should be left to the state.
Minimum Wage: Good.
Regulation: good. need to be able to keep your bussness
Infrastructure: All for. we need it.
Energy Policy: ok with what we have now but need to find out a better way and fast.

Foreign Issues
Democracy and Trade: Trade is good. we rely on that. Give an better deal to democratic nations.
United Nations:
Iraq: just stupid and a waiste of time and money.
Iran: just stupid.
North Korea:
Israel: sick of them. I don't give a sh**t.
Military Involvement: As small a possible.

(more later. i am tired)
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