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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 428359 times)
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« on: August 14, 2006, 12:38:57 pm »

Social Issues

General philosophy: Liberal?

Abortion: First 1-2 trimesters legal; try to make it rare without limiting choice.

Separation of Church and State: A good thing; a nativity scene in front of a library is just fine.

Marriage: Support gay marriage; state-issue, and preference for legislatures figuring it out instead of courts.

Affirmative Action: Support to an extent (i.e. Bill Clinton).

Gun Control: State issue, although AKs should be illegal again.

Death Penalty: Oppose in all circumstances.

Censorship: Current level seems OK.

Flag burning: Disrespectful, but should be legal.

Hate crimes: Oppose hate crime legislation

Hate speech: Huh?

Smoking: Shouldn't be taxed any more than it already is.

Alcohol consumption: A bad idea, but don't change policy towards it.

Euthanasia: Legal, but I don't particularly care either way.

Drugs: Legalize/De-criminalize marijuana and don't spend so much on finding drugs (it just lowers supply, drives up the price, and then encourages people to make 'em).

Gambling: A bad idea, but don't change policy towards it.

Prostitution: Keep illegal. I mean seriously--ew.

Embryonic Stem Cell Research: Support government funding.

Immigration: Try and keep illegal immigration down; guest worker programs sound OK (we wouldn't want to deport them all since they do jobs no one else wants to do, but we shouldn't open up our borders either).

Economic Issues

General Philosophy: Liberal?

Taxes: Close loopholes. Consider making it more progressive, but not by much.

Unions: Dunno.

Free trade: Support free trade.

Spending: Cut corporate welfare other pork. Reduce military funding for fighter jets which become "obsolete" after a couple of years and spend more on protecting soldiers (body/tank armor, etc.).

Social Security: Change indexing from wage to cost-of-living, lift 90k ceiling, increase retirement age to 67.

Workers' Rights: Huh?

Space Program: Don't particularly care.

Welfare: Maintain current level of spending.

Healthcare: Require anyone who can pay for health insurance to do so, subsidize it for everyone else.

Education: Increase funding. Not a big fan of vouchers, but I could be potentially open to some.

Foreign Issues

General Philosophy: ?

Democracy and Trade: Huh?

Anti (fill in the blank) Treaty: Huh?

United Nations: Good.

Iraq: Have most of our troops out of the country within 6 months.

Israel: End military aid, if not because they don't need it, because they too often have disproportionate/indiscriminate military actions.
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