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November 24, 2020, 01:20:05 PM
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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 463942 times)
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« on: November 30, 2014, 05:40:24 PM »


Abortion: limited to 3 months, no refund,
Assisted Suicide: Opposed
Death Penalty: strongly for
gay marriage : opposed
stem cell search : in favor of
affirmative action : banned for ten thousand years. Constitutionnaly illegal
prostitution : legalized and profits to prostitute AND the state
Drugs: legalization, drugs are sold by the state (i.e. the "federal state" in american point of view)
sport gambling : illegal
religious freedom : in favor, but (for France, catholicism must be official state religion, not to convert, but for the financial protections of monuments, and against relativism with islam, judaism or protestant sects
Gun Control: yes
PATRIOT Act: Opposed
Illegal Immigration: 0 immigrants, and even send immigrants home
jails : one cell by prisonner. no cellphone, smartphone. Internet and tv booked only to disciplined prisoners. Cleaning made by prisonners. Cooking too. And production of food, if it is geographically possible


Monetary: a money based on real wealth of nation
Taxes: progressive personal income, no local taxes, customs taxes
Spending: balanced budget for normal spends
Regulations: Deregulate, but not too much
Healthcare: beveridged
Corporations: single compulsory union for workers, idem for bosses (with the compulsory, a worker would not be stigmatized for is belonging to a corporation, and the syndicat would be less politised by leftists civil servants
Strong railway web
Taxation of dividends
End of taxation of inheritance
The main house of a family, the company of a family could'nt be divided for eachs heirs. Deserve to the first born. Financial compensation is offered to other heirs (only if it is possible, for the main house)
Education : elitist system, less people with a graduate.
Minimal wage : calculated as 50% od median wage (or + if necessary for decent life)
Land : only people with the nationality could be landlords. Same thing for houses, buildings.

Foreign Policy:

Afghanistan: Pull out
Iraq: bring back baath' party
Israel/Palestine: support israel, with jerusalem for capital city, but without christian sancted places. Israel with 1967 borders. Golan to syria, Gaza and Cisjordania form state of palestine
Iran: End sanctions
Russia: Develop peaceful relations, with condition they stop to interfere in national sovereignty of east europe (baltic states, caucasus, ukraine)
Foreign Aid: End it
UN: creation of a new SDN with the ONLY goal of stopping wars. Each member would have the duty to lend 10% of his military forces to fight with the agressor of a SDN member.
NATO: Leave
Military Spending: same level

no idea of my place in political spectrum in american political spectrum
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