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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 427413 times)
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United States

Political Matrix
E: -4.39, S: 1.39

« on: August 26, 2007, 03:32:21 pm »

-I support Roe v. Wade, but I do not encourage women to get abortions.
Budget and the Economy:
-I believe in a balanced budget.

Civil Rights:
-I support equal opportunity for all, however, I do not support affirmative action or qoutas.  I believe that race should not be an issue when hiring people for jobs, or enrolling students into universities.
-I belive government wire-tapping is a violation of people's rights, thus I am against wire-tapping or any kind of monitoring.
-I believe that the display of religious symbols on public land should regulated at the state level, not the national level, unless these symbols prohibit others from freely practicing their religion.  Then federal interference may be necessary.

-I am against the death penalty because it is not an effective measure in reducing crimes.
-I believe in the three strikes your out policy.

-I believe in fighting the War on Drugs.

-I believe that prayer in schools should not be enforced, but if individual students want to pray, they can.
-I am against the use of school vouchers.  I believe we need to put more money into our public schools.
-I believe that we need to provide more federal funding for college students.

Energy and Oil:
-We need to reduce our dependence on foriegn oil, and promote the use of ethanol.

-The U.S. needs to sign the Kyoto Protocol and force businesses to reduce there energy consumption.
-I believe we need a carbon tax on industry.
-We need to put more pressure on China, to lower their energy use.

Foriegn Policy:
-America and the United Nations need to provide more aid for the people in Darfur.
-The United Nations needs to put more pressure on China to protect human rights.
-I believe it is time to pull out of Iraq.  I support the Joe Biden plan of dividing Iraq into three different sections.  We need to support Afghanistan more, and put more pressure on Pakistan to give up Bin Laden.
-We need to work diplomatically with Iran to resolve our issues with them, and not go to war with them.

Free Trade:
-I believe in withdrawing from NAFTA, and abolishing the WTO.
-I think workers should have more of a say in trade agreements.

Gun Control:
-I believe the 2nd Amendment should be protected.

Health Care:
-I support universal health care.

-We cannot deport the illegal immigrants in the US.  We need to have a path to citizenship for them.  However, we need to put more security on the border to prevent more illegal immigrants from coming in.

-We need to have no censorship on the internet.
-We need to proivde more money to repair our bridges and roads.

-I believe that the government needs to provide more support for the small farmers.
-I believe in a higher minimum wage.
-I believe in a stronger OSHA, and that all of the union busting lawyers need to be expelled from the department of labor.
-We need to stop outsourcing jobs, and keep the good industrial jobs in America.
-We need to enforce antitrust laws and give the labor unions support in negotiations.

Social Security:
-S. Security should not be privatized.

Tax Reform:
-We should repeal the Bush tax cuts and maintain the progressive tax system.

Welfare and Poverty:
-We need to encourage people to get off of welfare and get into the workforce, however, welfare should not be abolished.
-I believe faith-based charities can have access to government funds.

Posts: 58
United States

Political Matrix
E: -4.39, S: 1.39

« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2010, 12:15:57 am »

Social Issues:
Abortion - Completely pro-choice

Gay Rights - Support fully

Gun Control - Maintain current levels.

Drugs - Legalize Marijuana, but not the hard-core drugs like heroin.

Censorship - Against it

Civil Liberties - protect them

Education - everyone should have the opportunity to receive an education

Economic Issues:

Nationalization - unsure about

Taxes - Implement a much stronger progressive income tax.

Minimum Wage - Living Wage

Trade - against free trade, would prefer greater environmental and worker protections

Social Services - support food stamps, social security, unemployment insurance, universal health care

Foreign Issues:

War(s)/Military Intervention - should only go to war if facing a direct threat

Military Funding-Maintain near current levels, or decrease slightly.

Foreign Aid - To be reduced.

UN - Support

Nuclear Arms - support disarmament
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