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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 428237 times)
Kaine for Senate '18
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« on: December 03, 2008, 07:26:42 pm »
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Social Issues

General philosophy: Centrist, slight conservative tilt.

Abortion: Support in cases of rape, incest, threat to the mother, and during the first and second trimesters.  Oppose third term trimesters, and supported the partial-birth abortion ban.

Separation of Church and State: There should not be an established religion, although I don’t take it to an extreme level.  There’s nothing wrong with a nativity scene/Christmas Tree, so long as a Chanukah Bush or Kwanza thingy can go up as well.

Marriage: Oppose any changes to the definition of marriage as it stands today.  I would support allowing full marriage benefits to gay/lesbian couples.

Affirmative Action: Oppose for the most part.

Gun Control: Oppose for the most part, support 2nd Amendment.

Death Penalty: Support keeping it legal but there need to be better guidelines for how it is sentenced.

Censorship: Some restrictions on public TV/radio waves, little restriction on pay TV/radio. Support some filtering of the internet at public schools and libraries.

Flag burning: Opposed to a law/amendment to ban flag burning, as it is a 1st Amendment right.

Hate crimes: I support hate crime legislation.

Hate speech: I generally support hate speech legislation.

Smoking: Opposed to laws that restrict where and when a person can smoke. This is a decision to be left up to the owner and the consumer.

Alcohol consumption: Support lowering the age to 18.

Euthanasia: Oppose legalization of euthanasia.

Drugs: Oppose legalization in general.

Gambling: Support its legalization.

Prostitution: Oppose its legalization.

Embryonic Stem Cell Research: I fully support government funding of stem cell research.

Immigration: Oppose increasing the ease with which skilled and unskilled immigrants can enter the country, provided they have no criminal record. Those who enter illegally should be sent back, unless they have a solid job and no criminal record of any kind.

Economic Issues

General Philosophy: Liberal

Taxes: I support cutting taxes on people making under $225,000 per year, and increasing them for everyone else.

Unions: I fully support unions, as well as the repeal of the Slave Labor Act, AKA Taft-Hartley.

Free trade: Oppose in almost every circumstance.

Spending: I support cutting unnecessary spending, such as bridges to nowhere in Alaska, but I oppose cuts in subsidies, Medicare/Medicaid, social security, pensions, etc.

Social Security: Oppose all privatization measures.

Workers' Rights: I support some protection for workers, but I oppose legislation telling people who they can/cannot fire.  If the company had a poor reason, it will come out in court.

Space Program: Would support funding the thing if it was shown there was some use from the program.

Welfare: I support giving temporary welfare, but believe a cap should be put on how long a person can be on welfare, unless they have a disability that prevents them from finding work.

Healthcare: I support a universal health care system, paid for by the government, allowing people to choose any health care provider they want.

Education: I oppose vouchers completely, and support increasing spending on teacher training.

Foreign Issues

General Philosophy: Interventionist

Anti (fill in the blank) Treaty: Generally support

United Nations: I support staying, but we need to find a way to make it more effective.

Iraq: We should begin to withdraw, but maintain troops until it becomes clear that the Iraqi Government is stable and can take of itself and its citizens.

Israel: Strong supporter of Israel.

Iranl: We need to find a way to prevent a nuclear Iran; we cannot meet unconditionally with their leaders, but we should meet with them.
Kaine for Senate '18
Atlas Superstar
Posts: 30,348
United States

« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2009, 09:14:28 pm »

Universal Health care: SUPPORT!
Gay marriage: Oppose
NAFTA: Oppose
Immigration reform: Support
Union rights: Support
Taxes: Lower
Social Security: Support
Abortion: Strongly oppose
Affirmative action: oppose
Expanding public universities: Support!
War in Iraq: oppose
Drug legalization: HELL NO

Except for the bolded ones, I'm with you.
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