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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 428428 times)
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« on: March 03, 2019, 12:23:31 pm »

Social Policy
Abortion: Pro-Choice excluding the 3rd trimester, except in cases such as severe deformities/fetal inviability with the recommendation of multiple physicians.
Same Sex Marriage: Support Same Sex marriage. Though I believe private institutions (A church, a bakery, a catering organisation, etc.) should have the right to refuse service.
Drug Law: Support decriminalising drug use, and legalising cannabis and various psychedelics such as Psilocybin for commercial use.
Death Penalty: Opposed to the death penalty.
Gun Control: Pro Gun. Against the draconian policies of my own nation. Support Pre-Phil Scot Vermont style gun policy. I'd support an amendment to the Australian constitution upholding the right to keep and bear arms.
Euthanasia: Support legalising euthanasia in cases of terminal illness.
"Anti Discrimination" legislation: I believe private entities should have the right to refuse service for whatever reason they wish. I am opposed to all hate speech legislation. I'd support an amendment to the Australian constitution similar to that of the USA's first amendment. I believe private institutions should be able set their own policies in regards to affirmative action, gender quotas, etc. I oppose it for government institutions or institutions heavily reliant on government funding. I of course oppose mandatory gender quotas or affirmative action. On a personal level I oppose all forms of affirmative action or gender quotas.
Immigration: You cannot have free immigration and a welfare state. Free or very laxed immigration could potentially cause considerable stress on government institutions and drastic political upheaval, especially at the local level. I Support the policies currently in place in Australia in regards to illegal immigration. I think the US should follow suit (As best as it can, we have obvious geographical advantages). Immigration quotas should comply with market demands both in regards to quantity and skill specifics.

Electoral Issues
Compulsory Voting: Against compulsory voting.
Voter ID: Support implementing Photo ID laws.
Primaries: Support primaries for the house of representatives, where voters registered in the party can choose their nominee for their electorate, as opposed to them simply being appointments by the party leadership.

Economic Issues
Minimum wage: Oppose minimum wage standards.
Universal Healthcare: Oppose. I support a private/free market healthcare system
Welfare: Remove all welfare programs/pensions and replace them with a negative income tax as described by Milton Friedman where people below a deductible amount are "reversed taxed" on the difference between their income and the deductive amount.
Taxation: Support cutting taxes, reforming to a flat income tax. Support cutting the corporate tax rate and closing *most* loopholes. I think property taxes should be done away with.
Trade: Free Trade all the way.
Budget: Should be balanced, would support a balanced budget amendment.
Education: should be at least mostly privatised. If parents wish to homeschool their kids it should be legal for them to do so.
Government owned media: privatise it all.

Foreign Policy and National Security
General: I support the principles of the Monroe doctrine, those being that nations should generally limit military operations to their regional theatres. I am against the current paradigm in which the US acts as a global policeman.
Syria: I oppose US and Australian military involvement in Syria
Iraq: I oppose US and Australian military involvement in Iraq
Afghanistan: I oppose US and Australian military involvement in Afghanistan
Israel: I am against any government funding to the state of Israel.
Foreign aid: I am against foreign aid due to a distrust of the benevolence and efficiency of (especially 3rd world) governments.
Palestine: I support recognition of the state of Palestine.
Saudi Arabia: I do not support the US's arms deals with Saudi Arabia.
Military Spending: Both the US and (though to a much lesser degree) Australia should reduce military spending.
Government Surveillance/Spying: Against

Environmental Policy
Climate Change: I think its real and human activity is at least partially contributing to it. Technological advancements and shifts to renewable energy will help reduce the impacts of carbon emissions.
Renewable Energy: Should be incentivised with tax deductions
Green New Deal: Oppose
Carbon Tax: Support if implemented the right way. Congressman Carlos Curbelo's plan of swapping it with fuel taxes and cutting back on some nullified regulatory burden sounds decent.
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