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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 437842 times)
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« on: July 08, 2008, 02:15:53 am »
« edited: July 08, 2008, 02:25:18 am by defe07 »

Here's where I stand:

Cultural Issues:

Abortion: Pro-choice with some restrictions, but restrictions should be determined at the state level

Gay Marriage: Pro-gay marriage and civil unions, but decisions should be left at the state level and there should be no federal definition of marriage

Affirmative Action: Oppose AA because itís reverse discrimination

Gun Control: Oppose gun control at the federal level, respect the 2nd Amendment, but bans on the most dangerous weapons should be controlled at the state level

Death Penalty: Oppose but on a case by case basis for the most serious crimes

Censorship: Oppose because it should be up to each person

Flag Burning: Support because itís freedom of speech

Hate Crimes/Speech: Neutral but itís all about free speech, oppose hate crimes though

Smoking: Support leaving smoking bans up to the owners of a place, not the government

Alcohol consumption: Support responsible fines for DUI

Euthanasia: Support because itís a personís body

Gambling: Support but it should be up to the states

Prostitution: Support but it should be up to the states

Embryonic Stem-Cell Research: Support stem-cell research with private funds

Sex Education: Support because of teaching teens responsibility

Drug War & Marijuana: Oppose the War on Drugs, legalize medical marijuana and let states control drugs with their own laws

Voting access: Support the paper ballot with a bar code to cast the ballot twice, once in a computer and once in a ballot box

Illegal Immigration: Oppose by getting rid of the welfare state and holding employers accountable, no amnesty but yes to border security and serious immigration law reform

Patriot Act: Oppose because itís a threat to our constitutional rights

Economic issues

Social Security & Other Entitlements: Support offering alternative accounts for those that want to opt out of the system, SS should be left to the states with some federal funding as a safety-net

Medicare: Support by giving tax credits and vouchers to the lower-income and middle-income people and giving them the choice between public healthcare and private healthcare, minimize Medicare to the state level 

Medicaid: Same as above

Welfare: Support more influence from charities instead of government

Education: Support vouchers and tax credits for the middle-income and lower-income people, let parents decide between private education and public education, federal government should have a smaller role in education (give states more power)

Taxes: Support drastic tax cuts for the middle-class and poor and tax cuts for small businesses, simplify tax code

Spending: Support spending control and accountability with fiscal policies by implementing the BBA

Minimum Wage: It has been shown to be inefficient many times over, including by the Congressional Budget Office. Abolish the Federal Minimum Wage. Expand the Earned Income Tax Credit and support for charities or similar relief instead. Support the EITC and gradually do away with the minimum wage

Eminent Domain: Oppose because itís not fair to see special interests gaining from this

Infrastructure: Support better building, less funding for massive highways

Energy Independence and the Environment: Support alternative energy for the long term, support letting Alaskans what to do with ANWR but personally donít favor drilling, alternatives like hemp could get us off oil

Currency: Support the gold standard and maybe silver too

Trade Policy: Support trade between individuals of two countries, not the governments-backed trade of the present; trade agreements need to be reformed and real free trade respected

Foreign Policy

Military Involvement: We must focus on our problems, we shouldnít be involved

Iraq: It was unconstitutional, troops must be brought back home as soon as possible

Cuba: The embargo is preventing free trade to reach Cubans and it should be abolished, although there should be a brokered deal

Israel: Support a neutral stance between Israel and Palestine; itís not our fight (thanks Brits!)

Iran: Oppose any military action; trade with them

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