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September 29, 2020, 10:38:57 pm
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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 459946 times)
Big Abraham
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« on: March 23, 2019, 09:50:39 pm »
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Never done one of these before, but what the hell, I've been hanging around here long enough.

Overview: revolutionary socialist of the Marxist persuasion. By no means a reformist or social democrat.
Social: moderately libertarian
Economic: socialist
Foreign: strict non-interventionism
Party affiliation: independent

Abortion: I consider this one of the least important political questions, and constantly find myself annoyed with how much it continues to dominate our political discourse and generates such fanatical reactions on both sides. In general I would consider myself pro-choice, although not without qualms about the morality of abortion. At any rate, there is overwhelming evidence that providing sex education and birth control free of charge that abortion rates go down drastically, and those are policies that I support wholeheartedly.
Same-sex marriage: Opposed, actually. The institution of marriage in and of itself should be done away with, and until that can be achieved, I actually prefer to go the libertarian route and just privatise the whole thing.
Drug laws: No drug bans whatsoever. End the complete folly of the drug war, release all incarcerated inmates who were indicted solely for non-violent drug offenses, and have drugs be sold on the market free of taxation.
Death penalty: Opposed, but not for any moral reasons really. Hell, I'd support the Reign of Terror if I lived during the revolution. In general, however, the instrument of punishment in the hands of the state is a monopoly I'd prefer to avoid, and would prefer criminals be rehabilitated, or at the very least put to work and paid for their labour.
Gun control: Very opposed. I cannot think of any gun control measure that I'd honestly support on a state- or nationwide basis.
Euthanasia: Eh. Let the states decide I guess.
Prostitution: I oppose legalisation. Women working in the sex industry are not there by choice, but out of economic circumstances, and legalisation would only further normalise the subjection of women in prostitution.
"Anti Discrimination" legislation: Depends on the measure, really.
Immigration: I oppose large-scale immigration of low-skill and unskilled labour.

Electoral Issues

Compulsory voting: Against. The right to vote is just as much a right not to vote.
Voter ID: An issue that's widely exaggerated on both sides.
Primaries: Strongly support. Should be more competitive and with less influence and rules by party leaders.

Economic Issues

Minimum wage: Raise, make it a living wage, and tie it to inflation.
Universal health care: Strongly support. Medicare for All or Bust.
Welfare: Support for many measures, although I refuse to support universal basic income or any similar sort of measure.
Taxation: Strongly support a highly progressive income tax (with complete exemptions for the poor), with a top marginal tax rate of around 90 or 95 percent. I oppose all indirect taxes, including excises, sales taxes, and value-added tax. Sumptuary laws like tobacco and alcohol taxes should be abolished.
Trade: Free trade is superior to protectionism, which hurts consumers and benefits only the big industrialists and manufacturers.
Budget: Couldn't be managed worse under most Republican administrations.
Education: Increase funding across the board, especially for inner city and poor neighbourhoods and municipalities which have not received adequate funding.

Foreign Policy and National Security

General: Strict non-interventionism. The only legitimate wars are to repel an invasion or self defense generally. Any intervention, military or otherwise, which violates the sovereignty of another nation should be resisted.
Syria: In the context of the civil war, the government of Syria is the only belligerent I'd support. The Islamic State, thankfully now completely vanquished, and the U.S.-backed rebels have been responsible for untold crimes in the region and have greatly contributed to instability, causing a massive refugee crisis and thousands of deaths largely orchestrated at the behest of the United States government.
Iraq: Withdraw any and all troops immediately.
Afghanistan: Withdraw any and all troops immediately.
Israel: No aid or support should be given to Israel whatsoever.
Palestine: The United States should recognise a Palestinian nation-state with the 1967 borders.
Saudi Arabia: No aid or support should be given to Saudi Arabia whatsoever.
Military spending: Cut by at least one half. Eliminate the standing army in peacetime.
Government Surveillance/Spying: Abolish the NSA and prosecute its leading members for treason.

Environmental Policy

Climate Change: The issue of the century. Unfortunately, nothing will be done to seriously mitigate the issue until global capitalism is abolished and the for-profit system on which it thrives dismantled.
Renewable Energy: Should be incentivised with tax deductions.
Green New Deal: Strongly support.
Carbon tax: Support if implemented the right way.
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