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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 428429 times)
Use Your Illusion
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« on: August 22, 2018, 11:58:51 pm »
« edited: August 23, 2018, 12:08:01 am by Use Your Illusion »

1. Gun legislation will do NOTHING to fix the root cause. The issue is that people wish to hurt others. How often do we see killers give signs of intent to harm before they do it. They say it in passing, post it to social media, etc. Sit down. Talk to them. They are disenfranchised and want to HURT others. Taking guns and passing legislation over millions of people in direct antithesis of our 2nd Amendment rights does not help this young man/woman. Let's take the guns. Hell revoke the 2nd Amendment. And they're gonna go straight for locker bombs and arson because they want to HURT people. This is a human problem at a social level. Stop worrying about passing laws and start worrying about how to help those disenfranchised enough to want to cause harm.

2. Roe vs. Wade cannot be overturned. Again like the gun issue this is social issue at the individual human level. The single greatest reason for illegal activity is not caring it is illegal. Desperate women and young girls who neither understand the life cycle or appreciate the gravity both can and will take it upon themselves to terminate their unwanted pregnancies. The question is not "How do we save the babies?" it is "How do we reduce the rate of unwanted pregnancy?"

Reform our education system to demonstrate that benefits of safe sex, contraception and abstinence. Teach our children that regardless of where you stand on the termination of pregnancy, you in take measures that otherwise would result in another human being. I do not support abortion at a moral level but I am a man and I am not entitled to tell any person what to do. Reform at the local levels to encourage adoption practices and better fund the state to care for these children who otherwise would have been terminated. And lastly and most importantly we must focus to empower women against the sexual advances of men. Hell teach them how to defend themselves because we have to start somewhere and we have to start NOW. Identify those at risk, identify those who have been unwillingly raped and want nothing more than to rid themselves of a baby that is not there. Find ways to bring these men to justice, to keep these women safe from further harm and to provide refuge. Encourage them not to conduct an abortion and instead give life a chance and a decision that was not hers to make does not have to stay with her.

If we make changes as a culture we can and will strike the root at the core and the issue will resolve itself. The only way we are going to stop abortion is if we teach that life is beautiful and (if I may borrow from Colin Moulton) to fill the condom and not the van.

3. I fully support military budget reform. I am not one to speak of how each dollar is spent but I can surely and confidently say that the near $2 billion a day budget (from last year) can be streamlined. We outspend everyone in the world and until I know why I will continue to push for it. I do not advocate cutting our forces, I simply advocate that we be more intelligent about how we are doing things right now.

4. I support the right of same sex couples to be married so long as churches are given equal right to refusal. Same sex couples are are protected under the ideals of "Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness" and they are endowed the right to marriage because this is America and we made it so people can be free individuals to exercise these rights whether other people like it or not. But marriage to me (and the church) is an uncompromising institution of God. Freedom cuts both ways. A priest is not damned to wed two men/women because of law. The onus is on the couple who wishes ceremony to find one to wed them. While a hindrance, this is an exercise of true freedom. They will be allowed to marry and enjoy the same rights as anyone else and the individual integrity of the churches will be allowed to be exercised. With the blessing of law and a willing member of the church may any two men and women live in happiness til death do they part while any member of the church may say they did what they felt was right.

5. The current economic model is not sustaining and drastic changes need to be made. I call for a very slow and very moderate return to former economic policies as to allow businesses to adjust. Raising taxes is not a sexy position to take but we once upon a time kept up with wages with strong unions, taxed higher according to income and created the most prosperous nation in the world and we did it without any of it being called entitlement, socialism or wealth redistribution. A state of dynastic wealth amongst the few who hoard it in offshore accounts or live in other places as to avoid proper taxation is not the mark of a strong capitalist society. It works best when power is given to the consumer and their business drives other businesses to become better than one another for better quality and prices. The solutions are few and even less easy but the first step is to define what wealthy actually is anymore. And we must clearly define the goals of this strategy. The only solid contingent is that we bring these changes slowly. Over decades even. If you're gonna kick it old school then at least be smart about it.

Long story short we have 38 million people living in poverty, that many on food stamps and so many billions of dollars tied up into the few and the proud that regular taxation may as well be deemed theft. All this to me says that what we are doing today is neither working nor going to help reduce any of these numbers. It is time to start investing once again in the American worker, the American farmer and the American consumer and not the businesses who have continued to chronically under-employ them and find new ways every year to cut corners.

I fully and truly understand why President Reagan started his trend. He was the ultimate advocate of keeping the hand of government out of everything. He wanted to keep taxes low and let capitalism make us great again. I mean seriously.... what a great idea. Needless to say it worked. But it has now gotten out of hand and we have seen he evaporation of the middle class and the birth of the working poor. Again this is a broad issue without clearly defined goals. It is a process that must be fixed together. But I can tell you certainly that more of the same will not get us out.

All things in moderation people. Let's figure out a way to swing the pendulum back a little more. Perhaps there is indeed a better way than what I have discussed.

That's all for now
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