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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 436889 times)
Concerned Citizen
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« on: February 26, 2017, 07:26:48 am »
« edited: February 26, 2017, 07:33:20 am by Jimmie »

Abortion: From a policy perspective abortion needs to remain legal. Sorry guys, hangers are to hang clothes up with not to perform medical procedures.

Same-Sex Marriage: Strongly support. At first I was for civil unions until people are okay with gay marriage Hehe.

Drugs: Marijuana should be legalized for sure and perhaps most drugs. I am not a huge fan of government intervention in these issues as it is pointless and a strain on law enforcement. However I do support punishments on use of drugs if they contributed to an accident or crime. That would place Alcohol on par with weed.

Death Penalty: Opposed except in the most egregious circumstances. Seems barbaric.

Gun Control:  It is an issue that is unwinnable. It is not like everyone will just turn their guns in just because they are made illegal. Plus the Second Amendment protects our gun rights.

Affirmative Action: Unfortunately it is a necessary evil.

Immigration: A nation does have a right to restrict who can and can not come into their country. However immigration is a plus for our nation, not a minus. While we advertise ourselves as the nation of opportunity I am not fight against illegal immigration. If your car breaks down in the middle of the night a Mexican is likely to be the one who comes to fix your car. Plus Muslim immigrants and refugees are trying to escape terrorism not bring it with them.

Minimum Wage: I am opposed to a federal minimum wage. Circumstances and cost of living vary wildly throughout the United States, though I could be talked into a 10.00 per hour minimum wage nationally. A 15/20 dollar per hour minimum wage could create economic chaos in the rural Midwest.

Welfare: Very few people actually oppose all welfare. Even if the right can make compelling arguments against welfare programs, we can not be a developed nation without them. There are people on hard luck, have mental illnesses, or unskilled due to circumstances beyond their control.

Healthcare: No ObamaCare. We must have medicare for all. It is the only practical solution and replacement to ObamaCare.

Trade: Yea yea yea, I concede it is true that trade agreements like NAFTA have accelerated job losses in the Rust Belt. That contributed to Donald Trump's victory. But here is the kicker, dismantling all free trade agreements will not bring those unskilled high paying jobs back. We must embrace the new economy. I am not a Luddite so I strongly believe new positions will be created and some positions that can be automated are not practical to automate. Free trade has helped keep inflation and our cost of living low.

Deficit/Debt: Deficit spending is good in a recession of course. We must close most tax loop holes to contribute to keeping our national debt from getting out of control. National debt is not necessarily bad but it is bad when it exceeds GPD and you are borrowing from social security.

Unions: We must gut all public sector unions. I am okay with unions in the private sector.

Energy: Sorry coal boys, green energy is the future. I am not one to want to end all fossil fuel usage over night but for the sake of our climate we must transition to green energy. I do not know if conservatives get high off coal or gasoline but we need to embrace the future not the past.

Taxes: I mirror Mitt Romney. Keep the rates lower but close most of the deductions and loop holes.

Foreign Policy tl;dr DOVE. Bush is the reason why I usually vote Democratic.
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