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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 427460 times)
Captain Vlad
YaBB God
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Political Matrix
E: 2.45, S: -5.04

« on: July 12, 2006, 05:11:55 pm »

Overall Philosophy: Moderate-Conservative-Libertarian

Social Issues

General philosophy: Moderate

Separation of church and state: In a nation as religiously diverse as the United States, I feel as though it is silly and ignorant to govern with an "Iron Cross". If God wants to walk out of the sky and run for political office, then (and only then) will I take his opinions into account.

Freedom of speech: Support. It is the FIRST ammendment.

Right to an abortion: I am neutral on the abortion issue. I am not a woman, and thus will never have to worry about whether or not I should have an abortion. My general idea is, "their body, their business".

Affirmative action: A flat out violation of both civil and property rights.

Gun rights: As a gun owner, I am adamnet in my support for the second ammendment.

Civil unions or gay marriage: Also neutral, I am not gay and thus will never have to worry about it. Like abortion, "their life, their business". I personally feel however that marriage benefits should be denied to all couples of people.

Euthanasia: Undecided, I just don't really care. "Their family, their business".

Prostitution: I hate to sound redundant but, "Their body, their business". For some women, it could be all they have and they should have the right to take advantage of what they deem as an oppertunity. Allow me to quote George Carlin. "Selling is legal, ing is legal...so why is selling ing illegal?"

Capital punishment: I am probably in the top 5 most conservative on crime and capital punishment. I support a "punishment only" policy for crime, and an extention of the death penalty to include rapists and child molesters.

Economic Issues

General philosophy: Conservative

Employers and Employees: I support employers rights to hire whom they please and fire those that they deem incompetent. I do not support "freedom from firing" for employees who strike.

Taxation: I support a 15-18% flat tax.

Spending: We spend far to much in my mind. I support a 70% decrease in general spending to counteract the effects of a 60% spending increase since GWB took office.

Free trade: Support, but not with nations whom have a history of civil rights violations.

Funding of the space program: With the growing fad, and dream for some, of going on a "space vacation"...I think that partial privitisation would be an effect route to take.

Foreign policy

General philosophy: Moderate

Iraq: I am glad that Saddam Hussein has been eliminated, this doens't change the fact however that he was in no way connected to 9/11. Should have stuck to Afghanistan and searching for Osama bin Laden.
Captain Vlad
YaBB God
Posts: 4,938

Political Matrix
E: 2.45, S: -5.04

« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2007, 06:54:45 pm »
« Edited: February 04, 2007, 09:48:14 pm by adam »

- I am pro-choice in the first trimester, and in RLM cases.
- I support civil-unions.
- I support marijuana decriminalization.
- I am pro-prostitution.
- I am anti-censorship, within reason.
- I am pro-stem cell research.

- I am anti-smoking ban.
- I am neutral on flag burning.
- I am neutral on euthanasia.

- I strongly support the death penalty, as well as extending it's use to rapists and child molesters.
- I am strongly opposed to illegal immigration.
- I oppose gay marriage.
- I oppose government sanctioned political correctness.
- I oppose removing "under god" from the pledge.
- I strongly oppose gun control.

- I support significantly increasing funding for public education and dumping NCLB.
- I support increasing teacher salaries.
- I support more government funding for medicaid and other health programs.
- I oppose trade agreements (NAFTA, GATT)
- I support more government research into renewable energy.

- I support cutting welfare and other programs, and using the money saved to fund job training.
- I oppose congressional earmarks.
- I would oppose both increasing and decreasing foreign aid.

- I strongly oppose affirmative action.
- I support free trade.
- I support dismantling the IRS and replacing it with a fair tax.
- I generally support businesses over unions.
- I oppose stronger environmental regulations.
- I support privatizing a portion of Social Security.
- I would support a balanced budget ammendment.
- I oppose campaign finance reform.
- I oppose raising the minimum wage.

Foreign Policy and Homeland Security:
- I oppose the Patriot Act.
- I oppose NSA wire-tapping.
- I would strongly oppose a draft.

- I am undecided on the troop surge.
- I am pro-Israel.

- I support increasing troop salaries and benefits.
- I support significantly increasing military funding.
- I supported the invasion of Afghanistan.
- I still support the invasion of Iraq.
- I support pulling out of the UN.
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