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October 27, 2020, 10:08:03 AM

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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 462073 times)
Star Spangled Leaf
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« on: March 04, 2018, 03:43:49 PM »

Social: Mixed
Economic: Center-Right
Foreign Policy: Non-interventionist
Preferred Parties: Republican Party, Conservative Party of Canada

Abortion: Fully legal up until the 20th week; only under life-threatening circumstances after that. Continue to fund Planned Parenthood, so long as no public funds go to abortion services.

Same-Sex Marriage:
Support, but religious leaders should have the right to refuse to marry same-sex couples.

Conversion Therapy: Fine, so long as no federal funds to towards it.

LGBTQ+ Issues: Keep transgenders in the military. Give the bathroom issue to the states.

Drugs: Fully legalize and regulate cannabis. Prefer rehabilitation over incarceration for possession of harder drugs. Add a 20% tax onto all cannabis, alcohol and tobacco products.

Death Penalty: Reserve for Terrorism and High Treason, and in the event of martial law.

Gun Control: Ban bump stocks. Expand and improve the background check systems. Allow for law enforcement to cease weapons by court order. Although I don't personally see the need to own an AR-15, as a Canadian I have no right to question the constitution of a foreign country.

Affirmative Action: Oppose, but institute a "blind" hiring procedure for federal positions.

Prostitution: Legal to sell as an individual, but a $500 fine for soliciting. Jail time for pimping or keeping a brothel.

Euthanasia: Legal, but only if the individual provides written consent, including through a written will or end-of-life care instructions.

Immigration: Replace the diversity lottery with a merit-based system. Harden the Mexican border, with physical barriers wherever practical. Increase funding to Border Security, and work to eliminate ALL forms of illegal immigration. Fully support DACA.

Police Issues/Black Lives Matter:
Every instance of police brutality should be taken seriously, fully investigated, and the guilty parties prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I support BLM for bringing this issue to the forefront, but they should also touch on other issues facing the black community, like poverty and black-on-black crime.

Free Speech/Political Correctness: PC has gone too far. All speech, including hate speech, should be protected.

School Prayer: Let individual districts decide this for themselves.

Muslim Ban: Oppose, but visitors and immigrants from Muslim countries should be subject to advanced screening for possible terrorist connections.

Surveillance: Should require a warrant.

Minimum Wage: Increase to $9.00, and increase by $0.20 per year so long as the economy is not in recession. Pass a law requiring all states and territories to institute a minimum wage at or above the federal minimum wage.

Welfare: Oppose handouts, but support legitimate assistance, such as Medicaid, Rent Assistance, and (stripped down) EBT.

Social Security: Keep it the way it is.

Healthcare: Oppose both free-market healthcare and single-payer. Keep the industry privatized, but make essential services (ambulance, ER, essential drugs, etc.) 100% refundable through income tax rebates.

Trade: Renegotiate NAFTA, and consider going back to the bargaining table with TPP. Support reasonable tarriffs on certain imports.

Deficit/Debt: A balanced budget is a noble end goal, but isn't worth cutting essential services for.

Campaign Finance Reform: Maximum donation limits for individuals, NGOs, unions and corporations. Disqualify all candidates who violate campaign finance law.

Unions: Support, but all workers should be able to choose whether or not they join a union.

Energy: Support clean energy, especially nuclear and hydroelectric. Slowly and gradually phase out coal.

Job Creation: Leave this to the market.

Education: Eliminate common core and standardized testing. Subsidize post-secondary education for seniors, veterans, and indigenous persons.

Taxes: Support a progressive income tax, with a 40% tax for earnings over $200,000, and no income tax for earnings under $20,000. Implement a flat 10% sales tax, 25% corporate tax, and abolish capital gains tax. Close off all loopholes, and fully replace incarceration with asset forfieture for tax evaders.


Stay out of future conflicts in Africa and the Middle East. Support a two-state solution using 1967 ceasefire lines. Place sanctions in Saudi Arabia, while thawing relations with Russia, China and Cuba. Increase presence of troops and nuclear weapons in South Korea and Japan. Severely cut back on foreign aid, and only go to war if an ally is directly attacked.


Repeal the Carbon Tax. Reverse the revisions to the national anthem. Stop recognizing indigenous land claims, and instead work to abolish the federal Indian Reservation System, and lift indigenous communities out of poverty. limit Senators to ten-year terms, and allow them to be appointed only by the Governor General, on the advice of the Lieutenant Governor and Premier of the province or territory they would represent.
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