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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 427434 times)
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Political Matrix
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« on: August 11, 2006, 11:57:40 am »

Social Issues

General philosophy: Hard-Core Liberal

Separation of church and state: Strongly Support

Freedom of speech: Strongly Support.

Right to an abortion: First trimester legal.  Second, using Bush doctrine (rape, incest, save mother's life). Third, save mother's life.

Affirmative action: Support.

Gun rights: Very limited.  Ban semi and automatic weaponry.  Strong checks on handgun possession and strict penalties who illegally possess guns. 

Civil unions or gay marriage: Gay marriage, of course.

Euthanasia: Strongly support.  People have the right to die.

Prostitution: I am open to a restricted legal industry.

Capital punishment: Strongly Oppose.  It still is murder, plain and simple.  The state should be chraged with murder.

Economic Issues

General philosophy: Leftist

Employers and Employees: Private employers should not discriminate based on race, gender, or other factors.

Taxation: Reduce for middle and low class, raise for the rich.

Spending: Increase spending in education and social programs, sharply decrease defense spending.

Free trade: Support only with countries that have labor laws upt to par with our own.

Funding of the space program: Decrease a little.  Focus only on possibilities of other planet inhabitation.

Foreign policy

General philosophy: Liberal-Focus on diplomacy and international forums

Iraq: Phased withdrawl.  There is nothing we can do except wrosen the crisis.

Energy-Boost train industry and other mass public transportation indutries (through funding to increase the numbe rof routes and vehicles).  Hike gas taxes to boost revenue and get people to start using mass transport so that gas consumption severly decreases.  Never drill in ANWR-it will lead little gas and a lot of environmental destruction

Health Care-Universal.  It is every person's responsibility to help those less fortunate in their society.  At the very least, control insurance companies profits since private insurance companies are horrifically corrupt and greedy.

Immigration-Sharply decrease immigration regulations.  Amnesty for illegals.  Completely abolish quotas.  Harsh penalties for failure to pay taxes for new immigrants.
Sr. Member
Posts: 2,731

Political Matrix
E: -4.26, S: -8.35

« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2006, 02:18:30 pm »

Immigration-Sharply decrease the number immigration. They are taking our jobs and living off our tax payers.

Oh my goodness. That's something I'd only expect to come from jake or Carl Hayden's mouth.  "They" take "our" jobs.  What the hell?  Immigrants are Americans as well.  Most pay taxes while a lot of natural born Americans do not.  It is restrictions on immigration that leads to illegal immigration where these immigrants don't pay texas and are forced to hide to avoid deportation.  If we allowed more people to come in legally we could keep better track of them.
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