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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 458857 times)
MC Ninja0428
Concerned Citizen
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United States

« on: May 12, 2018, 12:25:57 pm »
« edited: May 25, 2018, 01:05:35 pm by Representative Ninja0428 »

I'm an extreme social liberal who doesn't care what people do, nor do I care about political correctness. I'm no fan of the SJW group and I personally believe them to be conservative, just in some different ways. I believe that all harmless drugs, not just marijuana, should be legal.

Economically a centrist with both some populist and libertarian streaks. I favor keeping the welfare safety net but also increase job programs to try to reduce welfare usage. I support ACA. I believe that minimum wage should at least be set based on COL in each state, if not each county; I don't believe that there is a national living wage. I favor free markets and am a massive support of free trade agreements. I believe in keeping regulations that offer necessary protection, but getting rid of regulations based on "morality" and other useless things. The one industry that I believe need additional government intervention is telecom, and that big telecom companies need to be broken up. I do support environmental protections and eventually getting rid of fossil fuel use entirely. I support the use of nuclear power.

On foreign issues I'm quite globalist and usually a pacifist. I don't believe that we should go around starting wars for no good reason and that the 2003 Iraq war was a mistake. I do believe that we should continue to stand by our allies, including Israel, because we have made a commitment and that our allies need to be able to trust us in order for us to be able to trust them.

Tl;dr: Social Liberalism
MC Ninja0428
Concerned Citizen
Posts: 5,214
United States

« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2019, 12:32:27 am »
« Edited: August 05, 2019, 04:31:06 pm by Ninja0428 »

Economic: Center
Social: Liberal/Libertarian
Foreign: Globalist
Overall: Social Liberalism
Social Policy:
Abortion: Pro-choice
Same-sex Marriage: Fully support
Drugs: Soft drugs which don't really cause harm (like marijuana, lsd, khat, etc.) should be legal to sell and use, hard drugs should remain illegal but those guilty sentenced to probation with medical therapy instead of prison time.
Stem Cell Research: Support
Criminal Justice: Our current criminal justice system is ineffective, overly harsh, and causes people who could be one time offenders to stay in prison most of their lives. Our system needs to be transitioned to a more rehabilitative rather than punitive model, such as the exceptional system in Norway. Sentences should be lowered with a 20 year cap. Life sentences are a cruel punishment. Unsure on death penalty. Abolish private prisons.
Slavery Reparations: Oppose
Prostitution: Legalise
Free Speech: The right to free speech should never be restricted except for valid threats of harm.
Education: Our education system needs to be improved. Our schools are overly stressful for students and would have greater success in a less stressful environment. End standardized testing; the education system should focus on real skills and critical thinking rather than memorization. Give older students more opportunities to focus on areas of interest. Finland as a model. Abolish charter schools.
Censorship: The government should not be involved in censorship. Repeal FCC censorship of television.
Gun Control: Support greater restrictions and universal background checks. Most of us don't need heavy weapons.
Immigration: Encourage legal immigration, make it easier to legally immigrate, stop detaining legal immigrants, do not separate families, do not deport illegals who arrived as children.
Economic Policy:
Minimum Wage: Should be raised according to the local cost of living. $7.25 is too low but many areas do not need $15 and such a large blanket increase could have adverse effects on the economy. Tie to inflation.
Taxes: Raise income taxes some on wealthier groups, but not above 50%. Keep the estate tax. Maintain Obama era corporate tax.
Infrastructure: Greatly increase funding for infrastructure and do more projects. Support high speed rail for short and medium distance routes and greater public transportation investment. Modernise our aging utilities. Government and markets should cooperate to research better technologies.
College: Support greater financial support for low income students but not sold on full on free college.
Healthcare: Reinstate the weakened provisions of Obamacare and support a public option.
Welfare: Support maintaining the safety net while also encouraging those on welfare to find jobs and making it easier to.
Unions: Do not restrict the right for workers to join a union, do not require it.
Environment: Take greater action on the environment and climate change. Restrictions on pollutants and greenhouse gas, possibly support carbon tax. Tax credits to energy companies which use renewable energy along with government investment, plan to phase out fossil fuels entirely. Support Paris Agreement.
Free Markets: Support the market economy. There should be regulation to protect the populace but alternatives to the market economy have proven ineffective.
Foreign Policy:
Trade: Support free trade and enter more trade agreements. While we shouldn't let ourselves be screwed over, most trade deals are beneficial to us and create jobs. The economy of today is a global one, and turning our backs on it will only cause harm.
NATO/Allies: Stand by our allies in NATO and others such as Australia, Japan, South Korea and whatnot. The idea of leaving NATO is ridiculous. Having strong allies is mutually beneficial.
War and Diplomacy: War should be a last resort, but may sometimes be necessary. Our foreign policy should be focused on diplomatic solutions and building positive relationships with the world.
Global Cooperation: The US should be an active and positive member of the global community. We should take part in world humanitarian, scientific, and economic cooperation. Doing so will improve international relations and humanity in general. Strongly support the UN.
Military Spending: We don't need to spend as much as we do. We could reduce spending a decent amount and still have the most powerful military in the world. Doing so would benefit other areas.
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