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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 428368 times)
Flying Dog
Concerned Citizen
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United States

« on: July 06, 2008, 04:29:23 pm »

Social Issues:

Abortion: Pro-life; full ban with exceptions of rape, incest or danger of mothers life. More funding for single-mother programs and make adoption easier.
Gay Rights: Support hate-crime legislation. Support gay marriage with full rights and privileges.
Separation of Church and State: Support faith-based initiatives and religious symbols in public buildings
Affirmative Action: Oppose
Gun Control: Support 2nd amendment rights. Safety locks, waiting periods and back-ground checks are good, however. Oppose ban on assault weapons.
Death Penalty: Oppose in all cases.
Censorship: Oppose
Flag burning: Support the right.
Hate crimes: Support hate crime legislation. Steeper penalties.
Hate speech: Support as long as it's not a public safety issue.
Smoking: Public Ban on smoking.
Alcohol consumption: Current laws suffice.
Euthanasia: Oppose
Drugs: Oppose legalization. Medical Marijuana is an exception.
Gambling: Support with higher taxes
Prostitution: Oppose
Embryonic Stem Cell Research: Support (Castle-Degette Bill) Left over embryos from in vitro clinics should be used instead of thrown out.
Immigration: Support easier path to citizenship. Guest-worker program
Environment: Sign Kyoto treaty. Level penalties against companies that violate environmental statutes and give incentives to companies that protect the enviroment.
Patriot Act: Oppose/Repeal

Economic Issues:

Taxes: Reform the Tax Code. Cut loop-holes out for the rich and repeal Bush tax cuts. Increase taxes on rich while giving tax cuts to poor/middle class.
Unions: Support Unions right to organize. Protect striking union members and laws against company's interfering with union votes.
Free trade: Abolish hurtful trade agreements like NAFTA and level tariffs on foreign goods.
Spending: Streamline government programs to ensure efficiency
Social Security: Raise the age requirement. Cut benefits for rich.
Space Program: Support more funding for NASA.
Welfare: Increase. Enforce requirements.
Health-care: Universal coverage
Education: Repeal NCLB. More funding for failing schools and less emphasis on test scores.

Foreign Policy Issues:

United Nations: Support. Abide by most resolutions.
Iraq: Time-table for withdrawal
Israel: Support in current capacity.
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