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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 427466 times)
Dr. Cynic
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« on: March 05, 2007, 11:33:50 pm »

Hmm... I don't remember doing this, so I will now.

I am a social liberal. I support abortion rights (Although not publicly funded unless it poses a danger to the mother's life), I am pro-Gay marraige, and pro-stem cell research. I am pro-marijuana legalization, and pro-euthanasia. I am opposed to organized school prayer, and am pro-gun. I also believe in some form of National Health Care. I oppose the death penalty. However, I oppose affirmative action, and would like to see something more efficent take its place.

Economically, I am also Liberal. I believe strongly in the tariff, and the progressive income tax. I oppose tax breaks to large corporations, but support them for small businesses. I am generally pro-Labor, although there have been some exceptions (Namely in certain school strikes where the teachers make alot more than they're worth... In one school I remember that went out, the teachers made 100K a year and had a health plan). I strongly support a minimum wage raise.

On foreign policy, I consider myself moderate-liberal. I support increasing the millitary's budget, and oppose Star Wars as a waste. I oppose unilateral millitary action, and believe that the millitary should only be called to duty in cases of national defense or human rights. I opposed the war in Iraq, but supported the invasion of Afghanistan. I oppose the creation of a "Peace Department". I oppose Nuclear disarmament as impractical.
Dr. Cynic
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Posts: 12,349
United States

Political Matrix
E: -4.11, S: -6.09

« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2010, 01:58:20 am »

I dunno if I did this or not already. I lose track in threads like this, but I might as well update it.

Social issues: Left-leaning Civil Libertarian

Abortion: Pro-Choice within the first two trimesters.
Immigration: I support a guest worker program and generally open border with some exceptions.
Marriage: Marraige is generally just a tax benefit. Allow marraige liscenses to be issued, but leave blood testing requirements up to the states. Support same-sex marraige.
Flag Burning: Support the right of protestors to burn the flag non-violently.
Free Speech: Lenny Bruce was a martyr. Complete free speech on television and the internet that is not libel. Don't like it. Don't watch. Leave content up to individual producers.
War on Drugs: The War on Drugs is a waste of public dollars. Scale back restrictions on private use. Completely decriminalize marijuana. However, do not allow foreigners to import hard drugs such as cocaine.
Affirmative Action: Unnecessary in this day and age. Economic affirmative action would be fairer.
Gun control: Support the right to carry a gun of any type. However, require special liscensing and training. Refuse to allow anyone with any kind of criminal offense to purchase a weapon.
Death Penalty: A waste of tax dollars and time. Multiple studies show it's cheaper to provide life imprisonment for the worst offenders than to use lethal deterrent.
Voluntary Euthanasia: Legalize it. Require MD's to recieve special liscensing to perform the task of euthanasia. Only patient or patient's family may ask for euthanasia, a doctor is prohibited from suggesting it apart from listing it in options.
Draft: No draft. Military service should be completely voluntary.
Patriot Act, domestic spying, etc.: Illegal unless a warrant is obtained from a federal judge.
Stem Cell Research: Continue funding stem cell research in hopes that they may help lead to medical breakthroughs.
States Rights: States may pass their own laws and have their own systems, but be subserviant to federal law.
Three Strikes Law: Rediculous yardstick that hinders justice more than helps it.
Prostitution: Completely legalize. Hold yearly VD checks. Any prostitute with VD should be disallowed from working.
Separation of Church and State: Freedom of religion, but federal and state governments are prohibited from passing laws to favor or injure one religion over the expense of another. Complete secularism in the public sector.
Electoral College: Completely discard in favor of popular vote.

Foreign Policy: Fair trade. Maintain our trading partnerships with countries we have special relationships with (Canada, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, etc.)
War on Terror: Continue to use Spec Ops to hunt for terrorist leaders. Stop treating a political problem with military medication.
Palestine: Support the rights of Palestinians to create their own homeland or be represented in the Israeli government as long as they pay Israeli taxes. Condemn terror and war crimes on both sides.
Israel: Maintain a moderately friendly relationship with them. Fair trade and pressure to allow Palestinians self-determination.
War in Iraq: Wrong-headed in the first place. Continue troop withdrawl at fastest practical pace.
Iran: Pressure Iran to discontinue nuclear technology, peacefully. Failing that, flex the muscle as they say. War, final resort.
North Korea: See Iran. Flex the muscle where peaceful pressuring fails.
9/11: Continue investigating causes and effects. Modify our foreign policy to reflect earnest friendliness with the middle eastern world.
Afghanistan: Leave as soon as practically possible.
Pakistan: Maintain a neutral friendship with them. Moderate between them and India to prevent a war or catastrophic nuclear war.
Torture: A ineffective war crime.
Diplomacy: Preferable to war in all cases unless we are physically threatened or attacked.
Free Trade Agreement: Support Fair Trade. Disallow companies to layoff American workers to employ cheap foreign labor. If tax incentives don't work, sue them.
Military involvement: Should always be the last resort unless we are physically attacked. Support nuclear disarmamant.

Economic Issues: Social Democrat

Taxes: Progressive income tax. Eliminate income taxes on those making less than $50,000 per yr. States may continue to set Sales Tax.
Welfare: Provide government welfare for those with no place to go. Having been homeless with no family relations made it very difficult to rely on private charity. Expand foodbank and foodstamps, health care, and set a living wage. Provide incentives for small businesses to compete. Add national competition to essential industries. (Airlines being the big one right now)
Trade: Fair trade excepting countries with special relationships. Threaten to bust corporations that attempt to lay off American workers for cheap labor.
Health Care: Universal Coverage. Demand hospitals treat patients and subsidize those patients who cannot afford insurance.
Spending: Cut unnecessary spending where possible but do not jeopardize any programs that benefit the poor or middle class. A lean and efficent military.
Education: Raise public education standards. Support stronger science, math, and language programs.
Regulations: Allow private industry to continue with government regulation. Mixed economy with competition where possible. Prevent companies from laying off American workers for cheap foreign labor.
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