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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 436812 times)
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« on: May 08, 2017, 10:50:23 pm »

I'm new here, so I'll go ahead.

Basically, all my political views can be summed up in a simple phrase: taxation is theft. Apart from that, I'm pro-state sovereignty and pro-original intent of the Constitution. Support decentralization, oppose

From there, essentially all my policy positions can be fairly easily deduced, but to be more specific, I'll use some of the categories others have used (I don't want to make it all up).


Social: Cultural conservative (Southern Baptist), libertarian property rights. Non Aggression Principle (NAP).
Economic: Property rights, free market capitalism. Austrian School of Economics.
Foreign Policy: Non-interventionist.
Political Registration: Unaffiliated, lean Libertarian, Constitution, and Federalist (newer)

Social Policy
Abortion: Pro-life. Abortion is aggression (rape, incest, and life of the mother debatable)

Same-Sex Marriage: Morally opposed, but government should have no role in the institution. Make it a contract if you want, but no government prohibition/sanction.

Conversion Therapy: No opinion; government should have no say.

Transgender Issues: Let private businesses do what they want; let states/localities do what they want; oppose specific regulations about bathrooms.

Drugs: Morally opposed; legalize it all.
Death Penalty: Oppose; too expensive, morally questionable.

Gun Control: Unconstitutional on federal level, violation of NAP. Totally against.

Affirmative Action: Ridiculous and unconstitutional.

Prostitution: Morally opposed; should be legal.

Euthanasia: Morally opposed; probably should be legal.

Immigration: In a truly private property society, it would not be an issue; until then, respectable controls on immigration but make it easier to get here. No welfare, no citizenship, definitely no voting. Should be a state issue, not federal, as the power to regulate immigration is not in the Constitution.

Police Issues/Black Lives Matter: Government police are acting immorally and unethically by working for such an institution; however, they are often wrongly accused and are important on some level (private or public) in society. Black Lives Matter is essentially evil.

Free Speech/Political Correctness: Free speech should always be upheld. PC is silly.
School Prayer: Not in government schools (though I'd eliminate them), but a good idea in principle.

Muslim Ban: No, at least not yet, and certainly not nationwide.

PATRIOT ACT/NSA Spying: Unconstitutional.

TSA: Unconstitutional on federal level.

Economic Issues
Monetary Policy: End the Fed, end government monopolies on currency.
Minimum Wage: Unconstitutional (on federal level) and anti-liberty. Economically negative.

Welfare: Unconstitutional on federal level; completely eliminate, but fairly slowly.

Social Security: Unconstitutional; introduce opt out for those under 30; privatize. Eliminate new workers.

Healthcare: Get the government out of healthcare.

Globalization/Trade: Completely Free trade always. National sovereignty; no entangling alliances (NATO, UN, etc.)
Deficit/Debt: Severely reduce spending. Slowly pay back debt.

Campaign Finance Reform: Eliminate all restrictions, as they are unconstitutional and violations of free speech.
Unions: Mostly evil organizations, esp. public sector. Eliminate public sector unions, but allow workers to do whatever they want as far as collectives. Eliminate laws in favor of unions and right to work laws.

Energy: Free market.

Job Creation: Free markets create jobs. Governments eliminate them.
Education: Eliminate government schools.

Taxes: Taxation is theft. Completely eliminate mandatory taxation. Until then, repeal the 16th amendment and institute a state rate proportional tax.

NATO: Get out.
UN: Get out.
ISIS: Get out.

China: Free trade, try to get help with North Korea.
North Korea: who the hell knows? Messed up situation.
Cuba: Free trade.
Iran: Free trade.
Israel/Palestine: Support Israel, but no foreign aid. They'll be okay. If you want to help them fight, go fight, or donate (which I would).

Syria/Refugees: Stop accepting the vast majority. Stop interference in their war.
Electoral Reform
Electoral College Reform: Absolutely opposed. The Electoral College is one of the only parts of the Constitution that still preserves the concept of federalism and state sovereignty.
Gerrymandering: State issue.
Public Financing: Theft.
Term limits: No opinion.
Voter ID: Support.
Early Voting: Oppose.
Absentee Voting: Mostly opposed.
Primaries: Eliminate government support for primaries, and parties should make them closed (if they want).
Voting: Too many people vote that are uninformed. Possibly introduce the Informed Voter Act (which I created as a concept).
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