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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 429249 times)
Undisguised Sockpuppet
Concerned Citizen
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Political Matrix
E: 6.52, S: 2.00

« on: August 14, 2006, 02:16:31 pm »

Social Issues

General philosophy: LEAVE PEOPLE THE FUCK ALONE!!

Abortion: Not the government's problem.

Separation of Church and State: Keep the churches from doing "morals' legislation but allow things like public nativity scene.

Marriage: Support giving everyone civil unions and letting churches hash out what is "marriage"

Affirmative Action: Abolish

Gun Control: End all gun control

Death Penalty: Use it if you need to.

Censorship: Unless its kiddie porn, necrophilia, bestiality or anything by Mike Naso allow it on daytime TV

Flag burning: Keep it legal

Hate crimes: Oppose strongly

Hate speech: Keep it legal. We have enough PC

Smoking: End takes on tobacco and remove all smoking bans

Alcohol consumption: End all anti public drinking laws and the high drinking age

Euthanasia: not the government's problem

Drugs: Legalize/De-criminalize marijuana and don't spend so much on finding drugs (it just lowers su

Gambling: Legalize

Prostitution: Legalize

Embryonic Stem Cell Research: Legalize and take down the names of those responsible for protesting against it/stopping it in congress. Bar those people frmo EVER using medical procedures derieved from stem cell research.

Immigration: Close the borders, deport all illegals and end all ideas of guest worker programs. Also open up immigration mroe from latin america and east asia while ending all african/muslim immigration.

Economic Issues

General Philosophy: Meh

Taxes: Make it more progressive

Unions: Stop being so anti-union in legislation

Free trade: Support free trade.

Spending: End all pork spending

Social Security: Bar anyone born before 9/11/1987 from getting any beneftists whatosever and use the funds of contributers born before then as a nest egg.

Workers' Rights: Meh

Space Program: Favor strongly. I favor cutting the miltiary budget to say the same total amount of money as Japan and using the space program to stimulatew the economy.

Welfare: Maintain current level of spending.

Healthcare: Euro style singlepayer healthcare.

Education: Vouchers.

Foreign Issues

General Philosophy: The west united for western civilization

Democracy and Trade: Screw democracy

Anti (fill in the blank) Treaty: Huh?

United Nations: Bad. too biased towarrds third worlders.

Iraq: Establish genghis khan style rules of engagmenet. If ther'es no IRaqis left there won't be any insurgency.

Israel: Give the isrealis green cards and airlift them out. Isreal is too much trouble
Undisguised Sockpuppet
Concerned Citizen
Posts: 9,796

Political Matrix
E: 6.52, S: 2.00

« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2007, 08:23:02 am »


Abortion: Pro-choice
Gay Rights: Full legal equality.
Separation of Church and State: Get religion out of politics but don't go ACLU insane and persecutre christmas
Affirmative Action: End it. We shouldn't have bothered going beyond integration/enforcing the right to vote to forced busing/AA. All AA does is divided society between the majority and the priviliged groups.
Gun Control: End gun contro
Death Penalty: Keep and expand the use. Abolish appeals for it.
Censorship: Abolish it
Flag burning: Allow it
Smoking: End all bans on smoking. If a business chooses to permit smoking its their affair.
Alcohol consumption: Abolish all alcohol related laws besides guidelines on manufacturing it.
Euthanasia: Support, with very strict medical guidelines.
Drugs: Legalize already. The war on drugs isn't working.
Gambling: Legalize now
Prostitution: Legalize and regulate but give EXTREMELY harsh punishments for sex trafficking/pimping. I'm thinking death for anyone who does those.
Embryonic Stem Cell Research: Strongly support.
Immigration: No more refugees or illegals being tolerated. Do a version of the 1921 immigration restriction act(the part abotu restricting locations not numbers) and ban immigration that's not from either the first world, latin america or East Asia. Also all muslim immigrants must convert to another religion within 5 years if they want to even think about citizenship/staying in the US
Environment: Aggressive action - but based on economic common sense.
Patriot Act: Support

Economic Issues

Taxes: Raise taxes to keep the budget balanced.
Unions: Unions have a place - but they cannot control things in a liberal market economy.
Free trade: Careful supprt.
Social Security: Give universal healthcare of some sort(either a NHS type deal or national health insurance. Some kind of plan) but give workers a better plan than the unemployed.
Space Program: A very high priority.
Welfare: Expand welfare for the working poor but reduce it for the urban unemployables.

Foreign Policy Issues:

Democracy and Trade: Do not factor human rights into trade.
United Nations: Strongly oppose. The UN needs to be replaced.
Iraq: Leave ASAP
Israel: Completely drop supposrt for Israel and ban charitable donations/selling weapons to it. Also deport all Americans who also have Israeli passports
Undisguised Sockpuppet
Concerned Citizen
Posts: 9,796

Political Matrix
E: 6.52, S: 2.00

« Reply #2 on: July 08, 2007, 08:10:19 pm »

This is Hashemite. Ignore him.
Undisguised Sockpuppet
Concerned Citizen
Posts: 9,796

Political Matrix
E: 6.52, S: 2.00

« Reply #3 on: July 16, 2007, 06:49:03 pm »

A simplified versions of my views(can provide detailed on request).

Socially: Hands off social permissive. Do whatever you want with your body. Its not my problem. Legalize vices and get the state out of being society's moral arbiter.

Economically: Hamiltonian/Dengist state capitalist. This is mainly to ensure that we don't have things like megacorps running rampant and to be able to do programs like a MASSIVE space program, infrastructure building and a MASSIVE funding of tech/science.

National Security: National Security state now and a militant isolationist police; you don't mess with us and we won't attack you but if you mess with us your nation's ethnic group will only be a footnote in history books and your language only spoken in hell(this is if your language is only spoken in your nation). Reward America's friends and death to America's enemies.
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