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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 458853 times)
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« on: April 27, 2018, 12:15:59 am »
« edited: May 11, 2018, 12:04:03 am by Sensible-Progressive »

Ideology: Center-Left moderate on some fiscal issues Liberal on Social issues

Top Issues: Healthcare, Education, Foreign Policy, Drugs

Healthcare: Preserve Social security medicare, medicaid and Entitlements, Public Option then eventually Single Payer

Unions: Protect them at all cost they are vital to protecting out workers.

Education: Expand Charters, raise the educational departments budget. Keep the bible out of the classroom.

Drugs: Legalize marijuana nationwide and regulate it. No criminal punishment for consuming drugs only treatment
and rehab.

Taxes: Raise income taxes on rich lower on middle class. Sales tax kept in wealthier areas eliminated in poorer
areas lower corporate tax rate and have incentives for companies to come back to america.

Trade: Pro free trade tariffs cause a ridiculous amount of damage Obama's tire tariffs are my main reason, There also why the price for tires and cars skyrocketed and it only saved 1,000 jobs)

Campaign Finance: Get rid of citizens united self funded campaigns are okay but corporations buying candidates is not okay.

Abortion: Pro choice

Guns: Pro Bump stock ban, Pro background checks, Pro no fly no gun. Assault Ban is okay but we need a good bipartisan deal with a updated list of weapons to ban keep the list small and enforce it well use a buy back program.

Immigration: Pro Amnesty and Sanctuary Cities. Mass deportation causes way more damage than good make a path to citizenship easier but tighten security on the border get rid of catch and release. Deportation only used if they commit a serious crime. No drug charges to deportation

Energy: Gradual transition to renewable energy cooperate with the globe to stop climate change.

Criminal Justice Reform: Body cams on cops ban private prisons and solitary confinement. Free all inmates in for Marijuana charges. 

Foreign Policy: Protect our allies at all cost (NATO!). Force Assad to allow Kurds to have some autonomy.  Only intervene in a conflict if one or more of these things are true and must be done in the constraints of a UN approved Intervention
1. We are directly threatened
2. One of our allies is threatened
3. World Peace and Stability is threatened.
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