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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 428438 times)
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Political Matrix
E: -5.16, S: -6.78

« on: February 21, 2017, 11:31:47 pm »

Ideology : Bernie Bro / Kyle Kulinski viewer / Social Democrat
Social Policy

Abortion: Pro-choice up to viability, then life of the mother, yada yada

Same-Sex Marriage: duh

Drugs: The fact that marijuana is illegal is a f**king joke. Legalize, tax, and regulate all drugs.

Death Penalty:
  Not *morally* opposed, but practically opposed, because sometimes we get the wrong person

Gun Control: Background checks, gun show loophole, high capacity magazine ban

Affirmative Action: Probably not a good idea, better ways to support minorities & women

It's not my problem.

Obviously support. Who the hell am I to tell someone that they have to go through potentially days or weeks of pain before finally dying?

Sex Education Sad Duh

Immigration: Moderate. Give amnesty to people who are here and who aren't criminals, but enforce immigration law. If you catch a bad hombre (or mujer we're not sexist here) crossing the border then deport them.

Black Lives Matter:
Support the platform, but some of their people are kinda dumb (those knuckleheads who shut down a Bernie Sanders speech or rally or something because he wasn't talking about their specific issue 100% of the time)

Transgender Issues: duh

Muslim Ban: "I'm Donald Trump, and I don't approve this Constitution message.)

Economic Issues

Minimum Wage:  Increase slowly to $15, then adjust to inflation

Universal Basic Income : Probably not but worth looking at.

Welfare: Paid m'paternity leave and sick leave, strengthen social safety net

Social Security: Lift the cap and the minimum benefit

Healthcare: National healthcare system, allow dangerous Canadian drugs to be smuggled in by Bernie and Amy Klobuchar.

Trade: Way too complicated to explain here. In general, for some free trade but don't support TPP, NAFTA, PNTR w/ China

Deficit/Debt: Chill. It's not as big a deal as right wingers pretend it is. I think it would be a good idea to have lower deficits though when possible.

Campaign Finance Reform: Constitutional amendment necessary

Unions: No RTW laws

Energy: Look into clean energy

Environment - Lots of complicated things but in general implement green policies.

Job Creation:
Rebuild awe crumbling inferstructure! I'm Bunnie Sandas.

free$hit (public tuition for public colleges/universities)

Taxes: Bunnie Sandas' plan is pretty good.

Glass Steagal - Yeeh, duh

Aid - Humanitarian aid where it's sensible.


ISIS: End the drone strikes, stop funding the goddamn terrorists

Let's not be close allies with Putin, but let's not provoke them and start WWIII. Make him know that he can't just annex parts of sovereign nations.

Japan/South Korea Sad Defend South Korea and Japan from North Korea by intimidation. Don't occupy places but make Kim know that if he does an act of war, he's dead.

China: No more PNTR. Put pressure on them to better control emissions.  Don't provoke them by recognizing Taiwan as an independent country.

Guantanamo = dead, open up relations

Iran: The nuclear deal was pretty solid.

Israel/Palestine: 57 state solution

Saudi Arabia Sad Saudi Arabia is a rogue state. They behead people in public for sorcery and officially call all atheists terrorists.

Pak Sad What's pakistan

Syria/Iraq/Afghan - gtfo of them

Turkey - I don't know what's happening in turkey either I'm dumb lol

Electoral -

Voter ID - No

Gerrymandering - No, mathematical formula put into place

Term Limits
- Bad idea

Primaries - This is impossible practically but if I were designing a system from scratch, all states vote on the first weekend in June by IRV. The winner actually wins.

GE - Popular vote

Automatic Registration - Yes

Early/Absentee Voting - Yes, expand it somewhat

Holiday in State, GE & Primary Elections - Just make it on the weekend

Public funding of elections - You should have to get a certain number of signatures and then your funding is completely public, otherwise you have to self finance. No donations.
Others -

Patriot Act - RIP

Snowden - Make him Sec. of homeland security to piss off the establishment

Keystone, Dakota - RIP

Puerto Rico - statehood referendum

Statehood DC, PR - yes unless they vote not to

Nukes - Ideally: RIP
Practically: Do what we can with deals like the Iran Deal to stop any spread of nukes.
Sr. Member
Posts: 2,329
United States

Political Matrix
E: -5.16, S: -6.78

« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2017, 08:05:38 pm »

So apparently people are posting their 8values results

Economic: Socialist
75.6% Equality, 24.4% Markets
Equality +51

Diplomatic Axis: Peaceful
35.1% Nation, 64.9% World
World +30

Civil Axis: Liberal
74.2% Liberty, 25.8% Authority
Liberty +49

Societal Axis: Very Progressive
14.8% Tradition, 85.2% Progress
Progress +70

Lazily flattening this to the political compass, that translates to an economic score of -4 and a social score of -6.
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