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October 25, 2020, 11:55:37 PM

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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 461913 times)
The Saint
Concerned Citizen
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« on: June 30, 2017, 10:25:14 PM »

Social Issues

-Personally pro-life, but wouldn't consider banning
-Defund Planned Parenthood

LGBTQ+ Rights:
-Strongly in favor of
-Anyone can use whichever bathroom they want

-Expand background checks
-Prevent criminals and mentally challenged from getting guns

Religious Freedom:
-Protect it
-While I do not believe gay marriage conflicts with religion, others do, and government shouldn't force bakers to bake the cake, for example

-Strengthen border control
-Amnesty for illegal immigrants
-Do not cancel or restrict H1-B visas

Death Penalty:
-Don't like it, but it's necessary in some cases

Confederate Flags/Monuments:
-Despise them
-In favor of states removing them and placing them into museums or other designated "historical" sites

-Let states decide on medical and recreational marijuana
-Personally against decriminalization of drugs

-Abolish Common Core
-Give more power to state and local governments
-Severely restrict or get rid of Department of Education
-Pro-school choice

Affirmative Action:
-Contributes to higher minority drop-out rates
-Discriminates against non-minorities

Economic Issues

-Impose flat tax of 10%-20%

-Pro-free trade, but ensure that such trade doesn't hurt Americans and American businesses and industries
-Re-negotiate NAFTA

Minimum Wage:
-Increase to $10.10
-Look to increase further over time

Foreign Policy

-Strongly in favor of
-Push for other nations to meet spending requirements

United Nations:
-Scale back U.S. involvement, especially in light of UN's  aggressive approach towards Israel

-Strongly in favor of
-Continue supplying with foreign aid
-Help improve and fund defense technology
-Move U.S. embassy to Jerusalem

Nations I Am Strongly Against:
-North Korea

-Stay out of Syrian Civil War

Defense/Military Spending:

Environmental Issues

Climate change:
-Caused naturally and by humans
-Place and keep on restrictions that limit carbon dioxide output

Renewable energy:
-Invest in solar and wind power
-Phase out fossil-fuel usage

Electoral Reform and Government

Presidential Elections:
-Abolish Electoral College
-Enact two-round popular-vote system (France's system is the best example)

House Elections:
-Very, very slightly in favor of proportional voting system

-Strongly in favor of independent redistricting commissions

Term Limits:
-Two six-year terms for senators
-Four two-year terms for representatives

isidewith.com Results

Party: 56% Republican
Ideology: Centrist
The Saint
Concerned Citizen
Posts: 6,909

« Reply #1 on: October 11, 2017, 06:27:49 PM »

NATO: I think we should renegotiate as it benefits Europe more than it benefits us.

ISIS: ISIS was created as a result of the invasion of Iraq along with disastrous foreign policy since. Thankfully it seems to be getting smaller, but I do support strikes on their bases (not on civilian targets however).

China and Russia: Both are corrupt dictatorships that we need to be allied with. It would be disastrous to have a war with either of them. We should continue trade and build better relations.

Cuba: End all aspects of the embargo and build good relationship.

Israel: I support a two state solution.

Syria/Refugees: "Extreme vetting" as proposed by Trump. Admit a select number (no more than 510,000) every year and prioritize families over single men.

Electoral Reform
Electoral College Reform: Abolish it and include the territories in a popular vote.

Gerrymandering: Nothing should be taken into account besides population when drawing districts.

Term limits: Oppose

Voter ID: Oppose, and make all voting by mail.

Primaries: Get rid of the delegates and choose the nominee by a direct popular vote held on one day. Allow anyone to vote in either party's primary.

Statehood: Support D.C., Guam, and Puerto Rico as states. Also I think some should be split.

Voting age: Lower to 16

Corruption/Lobbying: Ban all corporate lobbying.

You Oregonians (is that the right term?) love your voting by mail, don't you? Wink
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