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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 428769 times)
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Political Matrix
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« on: December 08, 2016, 09:00:27 pm »
« edited: May 30, 2017, 02:59:21 am by JGibson »

Social: Very liberal
Economic: left-populist
Foreign: Pragmatic
Registration: Democrat

Abortion/Reproductive Rights: Proudly pro-choice. Supports repeal of Hyde Amendment, against TRAP Laws, personhood movement, pro-Planned Parenthood funding.
Immigration: The system needs to be reformed to provide those here currently with a path to citizenship and to make the legal immigration easier. I'm generally pretty pro-immigrant.
Marriage Equality/LGBTQ Issues: I think marriage equality is great. Proudly supportive of LGBTQ rights. Against Indiana SB101/Missouri SJR39/North Carolina HB2-style RFRA laws.
Death Penalty: I am weakly supportive of the DP in certain cases.
Religious Freedom: Strong supporter of religious freedoms for all faiths and those with no faith belief at all.
Marijuana Legalization: Strongly in favor of legalizing it for both medical and recreational usage.
Guns: Generally pro-Gunsense and pro-2A (not in the way that NRA/GOA crowd mean it). Support gun background checks and Assault Weapons Ban. Also support conceal carry.
Euthanasia: I am against euthanasia and assisted suicide.
Black Lives Matter/Police/Criminal Justice Reform: Strong supporter of criminal justice and police reform and #BlackLivesMatter. Such stance doesn't make me "anti-police."
Transgender Issues: I strongly believe that trans people have the right to enter the bathrooms/locker rooms of the gender matching their identity and that transphobia be condemned.
Sex Education: I strongly support sex education in schools, starting from middle school.
Education: Lower interest rates on student loans and work with colleges to curb rising overhead costs. Also allow for refinancing of student loan debt and perhaps even loan forgiveness in some cases. For K-12, I strongly support public schools.
Muslim Ban/Testing: Trump's ideas about Muslims are Islamophobic and bigoted, and flatly unconstitutional as well.
Voting Rights: Fully reinstate and expand the VRA of 1965. Voter ID laws are a tool of voter suppression.

Taxes: I support a more progressive tax code (and a simpler one) where corporate loopholes and offshore loopholes are closed. The tax system (through EITC) should also be used to combat poverty.
Social Security: No increase of the retirement age minimum. In fact, it should be decreased to 55. Expand, not dismantle.
Medicare/Medicaid: Expand, not repeal, both Medicaid and Medicare.
Trade: I strongly oppose TPP and believe that NAFTA was done recklessly.
Health Care: PPACA was a mostly good start. Public option is the way to go.
Welfare/Food Stamps: Strongly pro-food stamps. Attempts to eliminate/reduce are forms of poor-shaming. Drug-testing for food stamps is a costly idea.
Minimum Wage: Strongly pro-increase of a minimum wage to at least $10. Server increased to $6.
Campaign Finance Reform: Overturn Citizens United v. FEC and McCutcheon v. FEC immediately.
Unions: I support card-check bills and strongly oppose RTWFL. Supporting unions is a great way to bolster the middle class.
Energy: Clean energy. Against fracking. NO to KXL and DAPL.
Job Creation: Invest in infrastructure, especially in disadvantaged areas.

ISIS: Continue airstrikes and work with regional allies to totally defeat the group. Also provide humanitarian aid to the region to counteract ISIS' ideological pull.
Russia: Be tougher on Russia over their abuses and expansionary drive.
North Korea: The USA should partner with allies to take down Kim Jong-Un if he strikes the USA.
China: We must recognize that China is one of our close partners and also a potential threat. Work with diplomatic and economic might to counteract expansion while collaborating on common ground like fighting climate change.
Cuba: Close Gitmo, end embargo.
Iran: I support the Iran Deal.
Iraq: The 2003 Iraq invasion was a massive mistake.
Israel/Palestine: Favorable to the 2-state solution, and BOTH Israel and Palestine are at fault for the hostilities.
Syria/Refugees: The US needs to step up and take more refugees (with proper screening processes of course) but also needs to urge nations like Saudi Arabia to take more. Also, we should provide aid to those in camps and villages ravaged by violence.
Turkey: While they have been one of our long time allies, their continuing slide towards full-on dictatorship is very worrisome.
Venezuela: Chávez and Maduro have wrecked Venezuela beyond repair.
NATO: We should continue full support for NATO.
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