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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 436522 times)
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« on: June 19, 2005, 02:46:19 pm »

Social Issues
-Pro-Death penalty (age>17yrs., IQ>65, for murder, child molestation, treason, war crimes)
-Oppose homosexual marriage (civil unions & rights up to states)
-Affirmative action:  Amend it, don't end it.
-Pro-choice, Pro-parental notification, and Pro-Laci's Law
-Legalized medicinal marijuana
-Pro-Hate Crimes Legislation
-Oppose funding of Religious Inst.
-Pro-2nd Amendment
-Against funding the arts
-Pro-Equal Work, Equal Pay
-For OTC RU-486 Emergency Contraception
-Pro-federal funding of stem cell research (from fertility clinics)
Defense Issues
-Gitmo:  Amend it, don't end it.  Establish a protocol that is set in stone, no exceptions or loopholes and document (audio, written, or otherwise) detainer-detainee interaction.  Stop serving them fancy food, only beans and cheapest fruit possible (maybe let them grow their own if it saves us money).
-Iraq:  We should have gone in with twice as many troops, better equipped, and with the reason we have now
-"Policing" the world:  It's sometimes necessary, but don't beat around the bush as Bush does with the hand-cutting Saudi Kingdom.
-War on Terror:  REAL energy independence (what happens when we run out of all of our oil, no matter how long into the future?); deep involvement in Israel-Palestinian relations; protect our borders (land and maritime); fund cities, not fly-over country (the terrorists ain't gonna bomb Wyoming, they look for economic and population centers); debt relief for Africa
-Armed Forces:  We treat them like crap.  They only deserve the best supplies and a good standard of living, not food stamps and lip service.
-Woman in the military:  Of course.
Economic Issues
-Taxes: More progressive and simple tax code w/ brackets as follows:
          $<27,000--No income taxes
          27,001<$<39,000--16.5% (w/ Children--12.0%)
          39,001<$<51,000--19.5% (w/ Children--15.0%)
          51,001<$<63,000--22.5% (w/ Children--19.5%)
          63,001<$<75,000--25.5% (w/ Children--22.5%)
          75,001<$<99,000--28.5% (w/ Children--25.5%)
          99001<$<123000--31.5% (w/ Children--30.0%)
          123001<$<147000--34.5% (w/ Children--33.0%)
          All you have to do is look at your bracket and if you have
          children.  NOTHING ELSE!
-Soc. Security:  No private accts., Raise min. age by 1 or 2 yrs., Make more progressive if prob. still exists
-Budget:  The only way there is, balanced.  Modest entitlement cuts + Modest tax inc.
-Minimum wage:  $6.75/hr (2005) + yearly inflation (min. wage automatically adjusts every yr.)
-Education:  As tuition inc., fed. endowments to inst. decrease
-Vocational training (from high school on up)
-HS Graduation Requirements:  Algebra 2 (or equivalent math course directly before Trigonometry) for college-bound students and thorough arithmetic training for vocational-bound students, as well as 2 lab science courses.
-Tort "Reform":  No way in hell!
-Tax cuts for business that hire American citizens
-Incentives for hybrid vehicles, energy efficient materials
-Child health care (in households w/ incomes less than $75,000 and/or children with parent in armed forces)
-For availability of generic medicines and importation of medicines
-Insurance rates (all types) may not exceed 1.5 times the rate of inflation from the previous year
-No more corporate welfare.
-If an able-bodied/minded person refuses to work, they surrender their right to entitlements of any kind.
Election system:
-Congressional redistricting must be approved in a state by referendum
-Run-off election for each state if no Presidential candidate receives a majority of the popular vote in that state.
-Congressional and executive salaries may not exceed the rate of inflation.
-Make English the official language
-No f-ing way in hell should the govt. be funding Viagra or similar bedroom drugs...thanks Rep. leadership.

I think that's pretty comprehensive Smiley

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United States

« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2014, 02:36:48 am »

Economic Issues

Taxes: Eliminate any taxes on real economic activity - including sales taxes* and income taxes associated with a paycheck, but heavy taxes on capital gains and inheritance. Taxes don't pay for spending under a fiat money system; instead, taxes "unprint" money. Right now, whatever nominal tax rates are, we destroy money associated with real economic activity while allowing money to pool with a super-elite. The job of the Democratic Party is to (1) perpetuate the myth that they can't give people popular programs because there isn't "enough" tax revenue to "pay" for it (funny how that's not the case with the bailouts and QE perpetuity), (2) play good cop by saying they'll "raise" taxes on the wealthy (income taxes don't touch the truly wealthy, as they simply play with money).

* Excise taxes are debatable - not a revenue "source," but if the objective is to curtail harmful behavior.

Jobs Guarantee: We need a permanent jobs guarantee to achieve full employment. "Raising" the minimum wage does nothing for people who are unemployed or underemployed. It only drives a wedge between the bottom 99.9%. If everyone willing and able to work can find a job, they'll be more likely to secure multiple job offers, and - ceteris paribus - they'll pick the higher paying job.  This decision aggregates to push everyone's wages up.  But, ZOMG, inflation?!  (1) Taxes can be used to remove "excess" money beyond the point of full employment, (2) Inflation is really the result of a concentrated financial sector levering the price of commodities.  The jobs guarantee should have a few national-scale projects but also many locally-decided projects.  The program doesn't need to be "paid" for with tax revenue or borrowing.  We print the money, and instead of a budget constraint or arbitrary ratio, we have two functional constraints on printing: (1) price stability, and (2) full employment.  Again, taxes can remove any money beyond these functional constraints.

Health Care: Single-payer or NHS-type arrangement, more medical universities with free tuition for those who agree to serve in critical needs areas for 10+ years.

Banking: End the Fed and restore Article I, Section 8, Clause 5. Break up the TBTF banks, bring up charges on executives for securities and mortgage fraud, lifetime ban on serving in the FIRE sector for employees at the SEC and other "regulatory" bodies, and capitalize public banks at the state level to loan to small businesses and farmers.

Social Security: There isn't a closet where the money is kept; it's fungible. So, expand benefits such that people aren't beholden to 401(k)s or other "investments." The program cannot go broke. Too bad we're never as cautious or fiscally prudent about bailing out the banks. We just print the money.

Social Issues
Generally, I believe, people will be more tolerant and accepting if they don't believe that they're being screwed by a system.  The Democrats parading around with their "tolerance" trope - similar to a Goldman Sachs rainbow-washing - is just cover for their policies that are wreaking havoc on the bottom 99.9%. As much as I get vilified here, I haven't seen anyone engage this argument head on.  It's ok (and for many Democrats, it's desirable) to "compromise" on economic issues, anyone who isn't on board with gay marriage as a political issue (for instance, they think marriage has no place as a government institution) is a bigot.  Democrats, like Goldman Sachs, hide behind their rainbow-washing.

Foreign Policy
Much of what's on the TV is kabuki.  We need to begin to divorce ourselves from military contractors.  Also, with a contained FIRE sector, there will be much less "American" "interest" to spur "humanitarian" interventions around the world.  One of the early telltale signs that Obie wasn't against imperialist endeavors, despite his "opposition" to "stupid wars" was the failure to explain that opposition in economic terms - that these "endless wars" only provide blank checks in perpetuity to the private military firms and allow the FIRE sector to further speculate on commodities.

Congress chosen by lottery. Delegations for each state are chosen on an at-large basis.

I'll never vote Repub, but I know enough to know that Democrats really are the more effective evil and can really get away with the things one would normally suspect from Repubs.
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