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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 428446 times)
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« on: January 31, 2017, 05:49:10 pm »

Rather than list every specific issue, I will try to describe my views in general terms of how I tihnk:

Economics: Pro-trade, pro-competition, anti-monopoly. This generally leads me to right wing economic conclusions, such as thinking taxes should be as low as feasibly possible, though not always. For example, I am strongly opposed to "corporate welfare" (such as farm subsidies), because allowing businesses to fail is one of the essential parts to making free market competition work, but I do think the government should provide a social safety net and that the public sector should be involved in the few areas where competition doesn't work,  such as police and (more controversially) healthcare.

Social issues: Basically the standard libertarian spiel about how people should be allowed to do things that don't violate the rights of others, with the caveat that I have no qualms about punishing people who do violate the rights of others to the fullest extent of the law. I'm also generally supportive of the policies and the military, seeing these institutions as being necessary to protect and enforce people's rights and liberties, both domestically and abroad. This combination of views is what leads to the weird quark of me generally being libertarian on social issues, while also being "hawkish" and supportive of things like the death penalty.

Foreign policy: To but quite simply, globalization. I think that free trade, liberal immigration laws, and global cooperation are all net positives that we should strive for whenever possible. While I am not necessarily an "abolish all borders" extremist, since that frankly seems unworkable to me, I do think we should try to become more globally integrated, not less, and that while it's obviously not possible to solve all the world's problems, we can't just turn a blind eye to  suffering and tyranny in other countries either. I am strongly against pulling out of organizations like NATO and UN and think that, despite their flaws, we are better off with them than without them, and I am frankly very concerned about the nationalism and anti-globalization trends that are happening to recently, to the point that I am almost becoming a single issue voter.

Overall: I don't know what to call this fricking mess of an ideology or philosophy or whatever, do you? Tongue
These are largely my positions, with perhaps a bit more lean towards the center on economics. I have problems with the Libertarians exhorting the benefits of the Fair tax, something I despise.

On the whole, though, this sounds exactly like me.
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