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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 427322 times)
Tiger front
Posts: 53
Czech Republic
Political Matrix
E: 2.19, S: 3.13

« on: October 19, 2016, 10:22:41 am »

Social: Conservative
Economic: Conservative
National Security: Lean hawkish
Party Affiliation : Republican

Social Policy:
Abortion: Pro-life, exception for danger for mother's health
Gay Marriage: Oppose
Drug Laws: Keep all illegal drugs illegal
Stem Cell Research: Oppose
Death Penalty: Support for mass murder
Increased Gun control: Oppose
Prayer in School: Support for student-led prayer
Transgender Bathrooms: Oppose - there are only men and women
Religious Liberty/Freedom of Conscience: Support for religious liberty and
Discrimination: No discrimination, but I oppose affirmative actions

Economic Issues:
Minimum Wage: Not increase
Right-to-Work: Support
Taxation: Abolish income tax
Healthcare: Repeal Obamacare, no to nationalizing of healthcare
Social Security: Support for privatized Social Security
Education: School choice, oppose Common Core
Balanced Budget Amendment: Support
Term Limits Admendment: Oppose
Free Trade: Strongly support

Foreign Policy and National Security:
Iran: Not involve for now
Iraq/Syria: Crash ISIS with military
Military Spending: Increase
PATRIOT Act: Support
NSA: Support, it can stops terrorism
Israel/Palestine: Support for Israel
Immigration: Stronger border security, support for legal immigration

Climate Change: Exists, but isn't so serious problem
Green Energy: Let market decide about it
Keystone XL Pipeline: Support

Electoral Reform:
Electoral College Reform: Oppose
Gerrymandering: Let states decide
Presidential term: 2 terms
Public Financing: Oppose
Term limits: Oppose, term limits are election
Executive Agencies: Abolish some of them
Voter ID: Support
Early Voting: Support
Absentee Voting: Oppose
Primaries: Close primaries, oppose superdelegates
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