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October 31, 2020, 11:53:25 AM

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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 462423 times)
YaBB God
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« on: September 11, 2018, 04:14:06 PM »

Abortion: uncertain, lean against (after 10 weeks or so), but I find most vocally pro life men are empathy free scum.
Drugs: legalize less dangerous drugs, decriminalize all drugs. Greatly expand access to treatment programs
Guns: don't really think about it
Immigration: Pretty much anyone should be allowed to immigrate. We should make sure to understand who's coming in and going out
National ID system: support, but don't make it easy to spy on people, etc with it.
Criminal justice reform: support, justice should be rehabilitative
LGBTQ+ rights: support. Not accepting a Trans child is abuse. Enbies should be accepted. You're a s##t person if you pretend ace/aro people don't exist.
Content warnings: support, and the abuse of the word "triggered" is disgusting
Women's rights:have far to go
Racial issues:ditto
Child abuse:cps is a disgraceful failure, taking away poor kids for little reason and failing to stop abuse in higher class families (as well as pretending emotional abuse doesn't exist)
Autistic people:should not be pathologized and demonized.
Ablism: is depressingly common in modern society. Disabled people deserve respect and consideration
Vaccines and medical care: should be mandatory. Denying your child medical care because of religious reasons especially is abuse and should result in calls to cps
Prostitution: buying should be criminal, sellers should be respected(it's immoral to buy but not to sell)

Everyone deserves Healthcare, there is no right to own things that aren't for personal use (eg land), asceticism is good, we should seek communism, meritocracy means good people get less because of lower natural ability. Protectionism in a developed economy is bad.

I lost steam.
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