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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 427437 times)
CPT MikeyMike
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« on: August 14, 2006, 09:51:12 am »

Social Issues

Abortion: Generally oppose but understand for rape, incest, protecting life of mother.

Separation of Church and State: Overrated – I really don’t care

Marriage: Let the states decide. What you do in the bedroom is not my business and don’t make it my business!

Affirmative Action: Oppose – strongly.

Gun Control: Strongly Support LARGO. Lawful and Responsible Gun Owners

Death Penalty: Oppose for murderers if they can have hard labor in prisons. Support it for rapists and child molesters.

Censorship: Strongly oppose any censorship of the entertainment mediums. Let the viewers decide what's inappropriate and what's not.

Flag burning: I punched a person/hippie trying to burn a flag back in ’98 so I think you know where I stand.

Hate crimes: Oppose hate crime legislation

Hate speech: Oppose hate speech legislation

Smoking: Support public smoking bans in public places

Alcohol consumption: Don't care. People are going to drink no matter what age.

Euthanasia: Should be illegal.

Drugs: Support decriminalization of marijuana.

Gambling: No opinion but it’s a bad habit.

Prostitution: No opinion

Embryonic Stem Cell Research: Support increased government funding.

Immigration: Build the fence between US and Mexico. Employers who wire illegal immigrants face tough financial and criminal penalties.

Economic Issues

Taxes: Eliminate all taxes and institute a national sales tax (under 3%)

Unions: Against

Free trade: Generally support. Support NAFTA.

Spending: Have a balanced budget. Military spending should be kept at current status. Eliminate programs that are “Great Society” like welfare, food stamps, medicaid etc.

Social Security:  What you put in, you get back. Support privatization.

Workers' Rights: Support, to a point.

Space Program: No opinion.

Welfare: Have it but, make it next to impossible to get. 

Healthcare: Keep status quo

Education: Support vouchers and school choice.

Foreign Issues

Democracy and Trade: Unless it is a threat to our security, then trade all you want. Of course support spreading democracy. Cuba embargo should be lifted. If it is, within 10 years, Communism will be dead.

United Nations: Totally f***ed up. Need strong reform. John Bolton’s not a bad choice for the US UN Rep.

Iraq: Need to ensure that their military and police are fully trained and ready to protect their country. When they can do that, then redeploy.

North Korea: They are only going to shoot themselves in the foot. With pressure from Japan, South Korea and China, North Korea will fail to exist in 20 years.

Iran: Honestly, wipe it off the map!
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