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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 459108 times)
Stuart's Mom
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« on: August 15, 2017, 09:55:18 pm »
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Social Issues

- Personally wouldn't have an abortion
- Do not support bans under 20 weeks
- Pro-choice until point of viability, after that point only in extreme cases of risks to the mother or baby
- Support Planned Parenthood

LGBTQ+ Rights
- Support same sex marriage and adoption
- Sexual orientation should be protected by anti-discrimination laws
- Anyone can use whichever bathroom they wish
- Do not support conversion therapy
- No issue with LGBTQ+ citizens in the military

- Support background checks
- Prevent those who are unfit from obtaining a gun (ex. extreme cases of mental/psychological disability, those who have a record of violent crime - especially gun related charges, etc.)
- Do not support gun bans and magazine limits
- Do not support registries
- Support both open and concealed carry

- Support full legalization of marijuana
- Support decriminalization of harder stuff, prefer focusing on addiction as a mental illness vs. a crime

Religious Freedom
- Should be protected
- The government should not force citizens or businesses to operate against their religious views

Death Penalty
- Generally oppose, but do support for extreme cases where the crime is especially heinous and there is no doubt about who committed the crime (ex. serial killers, terrorists, etc.)

- Support as long as the patient is terminally ill and expected to live 6 months or less
- Patient must be of sound mind to make the decision, must not be a result of mental illness
- Doctor cannot be forced to perform the procedure, but should be able to recommend one who will

- Should be legal as long as all participants are of legal age and consent to the act
- Ensure contraceptives/condoms are used and ensure regular STD testing takes place

- Create a pathway to citizenship for all non-violent immigrants, deport ones who are violent
- Oppose making English official language, but basic knowledge should be required
- Support expansion of legal means of immigration
- Protect illegal immigrants by prosecuting businesses and individuals who take advantage of them for low wages and bypassing other labor laws

Affirmative Action
- Oppose
- I do acknowledge how it has benefited minorities, however there are many issues I personally find with it today.
- Presently feel the issue more of a class/income divide rather than race
- Encourages reverse discrimination/racial tension
- Devalues personal achievement, lowers standards, and holds people less accountable

Confederate Flags/Monuments
- History should not be erased, do not support removing
- Should be protected from desecration
- Would prefer a plaque or sign placing them in context vs removal or placement in museums
- If people want to fly it, let them fly it.

Political Correctness
- Some arguments make sense, but people these days take it too far
- Know your audience and try not to be a jerk
- It's not that serious

Economic Issues

Minimum Wage
- Should be increased, but rate should determined based on cost of living in the areas where people reside, though support keeping a reasonable federal minimum wage to avoid people being taken advantage of
- Should take into account whether or not someone has dependents
- Adjust with inflation
- Businesses should not be placed at risk

- Free trade is great in theory, but we would be better off re-negotiating and doing a better job with future deals so American businesses and industries are not harmed.
- Support tariffs on select imports to protect American industries.

- No huge issues with current tax rates, though we need to be better about how we are using the money
- Simplify the tax code to make it easier for people to understand

- I acknowledge that they do very good things for workers, but they also do terrible things, too.
- Limit their powers, crack down on corruption
- Support right to work

Social Security
- Raise the retirement age
- Allow for the most benefits to go to lower income individuals, reduce benefits to those who are in higher income brackets.

Foreign Policy

- Pro-NATO
- Do not support strengthening ties with Russia while Putin is in power.

Radical Islam
- Do not support Muslim ban, but support improving screening process
- Terrorist organizations should be taken seriously, empower countries where they are occupying to drive radicals out on their own. Hold them accountable, we should not be in charge of policing the world.

- Both sides have done bad things, but I generally find Israel to be less bad.
- Overall support, but we should not tolerate when they do terrible things.

- Not a huge fan of the deal, but we would be worse off scrapping it


Climate Change
- Climate change is real, is one of the most serious threats facing our nation and our planet today.
- Caused both by humans and is natural
- In favor of putting in place limits on carbon dioxide output

Renewable Energy
- Support investing in solar, wind, and hydroelectric power.
- Support phasing out of fossil fuel usage
- Support other forms of clean energy (such as nuclear) until renewable sources are economically feasible.


Universal Healthcare
- Support universal healthcare
- Mixed feelings, but lean opposed to single payer

- I realize how people benefit from it, but it is currently unsustainable.
- Take necessary measures to reduce spending, but avoid hurting the people who most need it.
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