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October 27, 2020, 05:08:06 AM

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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 462042 times)
Young Conservative
YaBB God
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« on: October 18, 2016, 04:51:41 PM »

Social: Conservative
Economic: Free Market Capitalism
National Security: Moderately NeoConservative
Party Affiliation : Republican (The Lincoln/Reagan Kind, not the Donald Trump facade)
Social Policy:
Abortion: ProLife
Gay Marriage: I support Civil Unions, not marriage.
Drug Laws: I support strong drug laws.
Stem Cell Research: None from aborted babies, adult stem cell research is fine
Death Penalty: Oppose
Increased Gun control: Oppose
Prayer in School: Allow individual students to pray as they choose
Transgender Bathrooms: Use bathrooms based on your birth gender

Economic Issues:
Minimum Wage: Do Not increase
Right-to-Work: Support
Taxation: Flat or FairTax
Healthcare: Repeal ACA, open state lines to allow competition
Social Security: Roll Back the payout date to account for life expectancy increases.
Education: School choice and vouchers. 
Balanced Budget Amendment: Support
Term Limits Admendment: The PEOPLE are the term limits.
Free Trade: Support

Foreign Policy and National Security
]Iran: Tear the Iran deal in half.
Iraq/Syria: Use military force to crush ISIS swiftly
Military Spending: Increase
PATRIOT Act: OPPOSE, It is Unconstitutional
NSA Spying: OPPOSE, it is unconstitutional
Israel/Palestine: STRONGLY support Israel
Immigration: Step1- Secure the border and establish E-Verify (if a faucet is overflowing, first turn off the water, then handle the water left inside) ; step 2- streamline the legal immigration process and reform it; step 3- have those here illegally for over 10 years with no criminal record put in the back of the line to apply for citizenship. NO citizenship until the border is secure and almost all illegal immigration is handled. NO SWEEPING AMNESTY

Climate Change: It is natural
Green Energy: Free the market and stop subsidizing green energy AND oil, gas, etc
Keystone XL Pipeline: Support

Electoral Reform
Electoral College Reform: Oppose
Gerrymandering: Independent commission
Presidential term: Only 2 Terms
Public Financing: No
Term limits: It is called having elections.
Voter ID: Support
Primaries: Adopt the democrat system of universal allocation per state percentage; allow state to determine primary or caucus; no super delegates
Young Conservative
YaBB God
Posts: 3,734
United States

« Reply #1 on: June 15, 2017, 10:00:43 PM »


Social: Right
Economic: Right
Foreign: Center-Right


Abortion/Reproductive Rights: Strongly Pro-Life
Gay Marriage: Opposed.
Death Penalty: Opposed (I'm ProLife, obviously)
Religious Freedom: Businesses should be able to deny service to individuals for ONLY religious reasons.
Drug Legalization: Oppose legalization. Oppose most medical marajuana (not all)
Guns: Strong Second Amendment Supporter.
Euthanasia: Strongly Opposed
Police/Criminal Justice Reform: Support reform, but I also support our police officers who risk their lives daily. Although, I see no reason body cameras shouldn't be instituted.
Education: No common core, no tenure, bonuses based on performance.
Affirmative Action: Income based makes far more sense than race.
Judges: Literalists.


Taxes: Flat Tax or Consumption Tax. Rand Paul's tax plan was wonderful
Social Security: Raise the retirement age and reduce benefits or the social security trust fund will run out.
Budgets: Pass a balanced budget amendment and stop deficit spending while we have so much debt.
Defense Spending: There's waste. It needs to be addressed and audited
Minimum Wage Increase:  Oppose
Labor Unions: Pass Right to Work Nationally.
Financial Regulation: Repeal Dodd Frank
Trade: Pro-Free Trade, No Tariffs, No Border Adjustment Tax

Foreign Policy

Russia/NATO: Pro-NATO. Anti-Putin
Radical Islam: Fight it until it is dust and force Middle Eastern nations to confront it.
Israel: Support
Immigration: Secure the Border, then handle the people here. Deport Criminal offenders.
Iran: Shred the Iran deal.


Climate Change: Mostly Natural.
Pollution: Be Reasonable- This applies to both sides.


Universal healthcare: Absolutely Ridiculous Proposition for America
Medicare: Current spending is unsustainable.


Gerrymandering: Unless every state commits to independent redistricting, no state should have to individually.
Campaign Finance: Money is a form of speech
Term Limits: Term limits are elitist and imply citizens can't make their own decisions.
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