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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 436846 times)
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« on: March 25, 2005, 05:59:10 am »


- Proud Pro-Life Democrat. Support abortion in cases of rape etc
- Against Prayer or Religious influences in state schools-
- Support school vouchers
-Immigration: Support a clamp down on illegal immigrants coming  across the borders, reward those who apply through official channells
-Gun-Control: I respect that this is a touchy issue. In support of a ban on stupid guns that people have no need to have (eg assault rifles) - otherwise then I don't really care
-Crime:  Support tougher penalties for major offences (rapes, assualts etc), and lighter penalties for things nobody cares about (minor Marijuana offences etc)
-Death Penatly:  In favour, DNA evidence and automatic appeals are a must
- Against Gay Marriage, completely opposed to any kind of constitutional amendment though. Don't really have a problem with civil unions

- Anti-Deficit, and think that Bush's economic policies aren't the way to go
- Support asset-tested tax system. The poorer you are the more tax breaks you get, the richer the less
-Free Trade:  Pro NAFTA, CAFTA etc, but outsourcing is a real problem
- Support at least partial privatisation of social security
- Anti-Affirmative Action: I don't by into it being reverse racism,  but I think it doesn't help, and we should be looking at the roots of the problem

Foreign Policy:
-Support enlargement of the army, and extra military spending. If we need to deploy troops then the powell doctrine is the way to go
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