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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 438474 times)
YaBB God
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Political Matrix
E: -5.35, S: -8.78

« on: February 23, 2017, 03:43:22 pm »
« edited: February 23, 2017, 05:15:33 pm by Alex »


Social: Progressive/Civil Libertarian
Economic: Center-left
Foreign: Between idealist and wilsonian
Registration: None


Abortion/Reproductive Rights: Moderate,but pragmatically pro-choice
Marriage Equality: Strong support
Death Penalty: Strongly oppose in all cases
Religious Freedom: I don't have a problem with differentiating legally between essential and non-essential gooda and services (not that I support them in practice) to
Drug Legalization: Strongly in favor of legalizing it for both medical and recreational usage. Likewise favor LSD legalized and all classes of soft and medium drugs being decriminalized or legalized. I support an Uruguay or Colorado-like system, but allowing drugs from other origins.
Guns: Oppose the assault weapons ban, Support background checks. I don't care about concealed carry
Euthanasia: I am for euthanasia and assisted suicide.
Black Lives Matter/Police/Criminal Justice Reform: Strong support
Transgender Issues:I think anyone should go to whatever bathroom they choose, the government should work on insertion and suicide prevention peograms
Sex Education: I strongly support sex education in schools, starting from the last years of elementary school
Education: Strong supporter of public education, state-funded public university
Prostitutioj: legalized and regulated
Judges: supporter of a living Constitution,.



Climate Change: It is real, but the costs of reducing it are staggeringly high, and probably prohibitively so.
EPA: Probably does too much, but environmental protection on a Federal level is probably warranted, especially if it affects interstate issues. Not a fan of pollution from fracking chemicals.


Gerrymandering:  Independent Commission
Campaign Finance Reform: No limits, but enforced transparency on large donationd
Term Limits: I support term limits, but you can ran again after one election
NATO: Opposed
Israel: America should be opposed to or critical of Israel's most radical measures, and should work with Palestine to guarantee a state of law and transparency
Immigration: As close as you can get to open borders while still maintaining proper vetting, easy legal way to citizenship, maintaining b birthright citizenship, no quotas, no immigration or travel bans, no deportation for crimes
Iran: Support the deal on Iran, but it's still a bad deal


Climate Change: It is real, and the US should do everything it can to avoid it getting even worse, by participating in international deals (Tokyo, Paris), subsidizing sustainable energy sources, and slowly de-subsidizing oil, gas and coal
EPA: it needs to be a very strong, and independent, agenxy


ObamaCare: It's very than the previous system but it's still awful. I support a public free-for-all healthcare system, with private competition

Medical Drugs: Patents should be significantly shorter, smaller companies should be able to lease these parents. And parents shouldn't matter in case of a real emergency/epidemic.
I support importing drugs from other countries and some drugs should be subsidized by the healthcare system
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