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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 427435 times)
Clark Kent
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« on: July 07, 2015, 12:58:58 pm »
« edited: December 22, 2015, 10:53:58 pm by Lt. Governor and Senator-elect Kent »

Copying the topics from LibertarianRepublican

Social Policy:
Abortion: Pro-life except when the mother's life is in danger. Abortion should be illegal in all cases except when the mother's life is in danger.
Same Sex Marriage: Legalize it. It's already done now, though.
Drugs: I personally oppose all drugs. That being said, we should let the states decide whether to legalize marijuana or not. But only marijuana. Everything else that's already illegal should stay that way.
Stem Cell Research: Oppose embryonic stem cell research, but we should be funding more research on adult stem cells.
Death Penalty: Abolish it.
Gun control: Criminals already won't obey the law. Gun control won't work, and the right to bear arms is protected by the Constitution.
Affirmative Action: Eliminate it. "Race" isn't a real thing, and continuing to pretend that it is only perpetuates racism and benefits the unqualified.
Prostitution: Personally oppose, but legalize and regulate it.
Euthanasia: Ban in all cases.

Economic Issues:
Minimum Wage: Let each state set its own minimum wage. Overall support a slight increase, along with a decrease in taxes.
Welfare: Limit welfare to food stamps and shelter for children, the elderly, the permanently disabled
Right-to-Work: Completely supportive. While I do (in theory) support unions, all men should have the right to refuse to join one if they want to work.
Taxation: Since lower-income people already spend a higher percentage of their income on basic necessities, I do support a slightly progressive tax. That being said, the tax code needs to be reformed to be much simpler, and taxes need to be lower.
Healthcare: Health insurance providers should be allowed to compete across state lines. States should allow low-income families to receive for tax credits if they can't afford insurance on their own, and subsidies if they still can't. Pay for all medical expenses for veterans.
Social Security: Phase it out into privately owned retirement accounts. Social Security should eventually be privatized.
Trade: Free trade, especially with our neighbors (Canada and Mexico) and highly developed allies (EU/NATO, Japan, South Korea, Australia/New Zealand). We should be working towards a Pan-American Free Trade Area, a Trans-Pacific Free Trade Area, and a Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Area.                  
Education: Increase funding, but abolish Common Core and get rid of most standardized testing. Offer completely free education in public universities to veterans, and offer low/no-interest student loans to students from low-income families.
Balanced Budget Amendment: In favor, but need to allow some exceptions in case of emergencies. This can and will be abused by liberal governments, but we cannot limit ourselves.

Foreign Policy and National Security
Afghanistan: Should train the Afghan military to protect their country from the Taliban. Support.
Iraq: Should have intervened in 2002 or so. Should've trained the Iraqi military to defend their country better and left a token force to prevent the new government from depriving the Sunni minority of their rights.
Iran: Improve relations and gradually open up, but keep them from getting a nuke. Encourage/pressure them to democratize.
Syria: Should have backed the moderate rebels when they were still around. Should be involved fighting ISIS via airstrikes and indirect support for Middle Eastern countries.
Cuba: Gradually open up. The best way to defeat Castro is with a Wal-Mart and McDonald's in Havana.
Military Spending: Maintain but find ways to become more efficient
PATRIOT Act: Replace it with the FREEDOM Act.
NSA Spying: Get rid of spying on American citizens and our allies, but continue to spy on neutral and hostile nations.
Palestine: Do not recognize Palestine, but pressure Israel to grant them equal rights and end settlements.
Israel: Continue to be allied, but pressure them to grant equal rights to the Palestinians and end settlements.
Immigration: Grant amnesty to all immigrants already here and make it much easier for immigrants to come here.
Guantanamo Bay: Maintain but shut down the detainment center.

Climate Change: Not a big deal. Probably happening, but not entirely due to humans.
Green Energy: Increase funding for research.
Keystone XL Pipeline: Oppose, but not for environmental reasons. The Keystone XL Pipeline would cut through what is currently private property, and the government should not have the right to take that without the owners' permission.

Electoral Reform
Electoral College: Abolish in favor of an instant runoff voting system based on the popular vote.
Gerrymandering: Ban it and require that non-partisan organizations redraw the Congressional districts.
Term limits: Yes. Two four-year terms for President, six two-year terms for House members, three six-year terms for Senators, one ten-year term for Supreme Court justices.
Voter ID: Yes, but provide IDs upon registering to vote.
Compulsory Voting: No.
Voter Registration: Automatically register all citizens when they turn 18 and provide a free voter ID.
Statehood: Make Puerto Rico a state and give DC one voting representative in the House, but no Senators.


Space: Increase funding for NASA and merge it into the DoD. Get a manned mission back to the Moon by 2025 and a manned mission to Mars by 2040.
Size of Congess: Expand the size of the House to 537 (543 with Puerto Rico) using the Wyoming Rule.
Voting Systems: Abolish our FPTP system and replace it with an instant-runoff voting system.
Net Neutrality: Oppose. Government has no business telling internet providers what they can or can't do.
Requirements for the Presidency: Eliminate the "natural-born" requirement for becoming President. Allow anyone who has been a US citizen for at least ten years, is at least 35 years old, and has lived here for 14 years to become President.


Libertarian-leaning moderate conservative and neocon
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