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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 429283 times)
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« on: June 04, 2015, 07:28:16 am »

Same Sex Marriage: Same-sex marriage, polygamy, human-animal marriage, human-object marriage, human-concept marriage, etc. should all be legal. Of course, as long as it's consensual.

How can you have consent with things that can't give consent, such as animals, objects, and concepts?

Also, I totally disagree with your views on Euthanasia. Making it mandatory to end people's lives simply because they're old is truly barbaric. I think that if people are clearly thinking they should have the ability to do it, but ending one's life just because they're a "burden" is just terrible.

That being said, your foreign policy is spot on. Ditto on the death penalty.
Atlas Politician
YaBB God
Posts: 4,843
United States

Political Matrix
E: -7.03, S: -7.91

« Reply #1 on: June 04, 2015, 10:34:37 pm »

Social Policy:

 - Abortion: I'm against it on the grounds that a fetus is a human life and ending human lives is one of the few things the government has the right to make illegal. But I support comprehensive sex-ed, birth control, day care, adoption, and anything else to help with unwanted pregnancies.
 - Same Sex Marriage: Legalize all marriage between consenting adults. Conservatives often ask where does it end. Simple: it ends with consent. Although I'd rather see the government remove itself from marriage altogether, it's a matter of people, not the government.
 - Drugs: Legalize. It hurts no one who doesn't consent to it.
 - Death Penalty: Abolish it. The government (or a jury enforcing government laws and punishments) has no right whatsoever to end a person's life, or decide who deserves to die.
 - Gun control: Some gun control, but I think we need to allow people the right to responsible gun ownership. If we ban guns outright, the only people who will have guns are bad people and the government, two groups I don't want to use force unopposed.
 - Affirmative Action: I'm mostly opposed to it. We need to change the system from the grassroots level. The government can't legislate quality any more than it can legislate morality.
 - Prostitution: Legalize and regulate. Like drugs, it hurts no one who doesn't consent to it.
 - Euthanasia: Allow it for people who can make decisions on their own. Don't make it mandatory.
 - Speech: I believe in free speech, not hate speech. Censorship of any kind is a violation of the 1st amendment. I believe in freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, freedom of association, and freedom of cartoonists.

Economic Issues:

 - Minimum Wage: Don't raise it, that leads to inflation.
 - Welfare: Make it more voluntary, and don't help people who don't need it. Try to teach people to fish instead of giving them fish, metaphorically speaking.
 - Right-to-Work: I support it, but I understand the need for labor unions, and the help they provide for the worker.
 - Taxation: Make taxes as low as possible. While there is need for money to help people, I think it's bad for the government to take things from people without their consent.
 - Healthcare: Try to privatize it. I understand that poor people need healthcare, but I don't think the government is the best way to do that.
 - Social Security: Work on privatizing it. It's running out of money.
 - Trade: Free trade.
 - Education: I support school vouchers and am skeptical of common core. Homeschooling can often be a better system, don't restrict that at all.
 - Balanced Budget Amendment: We need one. Government spending is out of hand.

Foreign Policy and National Security

 - Middle East: Don't go to war there. Work to end terrorism and improve living conditions with the UN and other allies. But don't go to war at all, and also don't work together with either dictators or terrorists, even if it's in opposition to another threat.
 - Cuba: Normalizing relations was a good idea. Try to encourage democracy there.
 - NSA Spying: Only on people we have real evidence need to be spied on.
 - Israel/Palestine: Try to find a peaceful solution, respecting Palestine's rights but also not abandoning Israel as our ally.
 - Immigration: I'm a moderate on illegal immigration: you want to keep bad guys out, and you want to have them follow the law, but you also don't want to deport good people who want to live in this great nation of ours. I'm a big supporter of legal immigration, I think it's a key part of what makes America America. Maybe deport people like Ann Coulter who are against it.
 - Guantanamo Bay: Close it.
 - Draft: Constitutional amendment to permanently abolish the draft. The government has no right whatsoever to force a person to abandon their life to risk it in what's probably an unjust war in the first place.
 - United Nations: Work with them to achieve goals such as peace and human rights, but don't give up autonomy at all.


 - Climate Change: I think it's probably real, but I would support more proof for the many people who think it isn't. If it is real, it's probably our biggest concern.
 - Green Energy: Try to support it within the free market. I'm pro-green energy, but anti-subsidies.
 - Keystone XL Pipeline: Support it, but be careful.

Electoral Reform

 - Voting System: Enact a form of proportional representation in congress. Either STV or MMP.
 - Electoral College: Either abolish it or make it not winner-take-all.
 - Gerrymandering: Enact laws to minimize gerrymandering.
 - Term limits: I support consecutive term limits, but where they can return after setting out a term.
 - Perks and Privileges for Politicians: Eliminate them. They're our employees, not divinely-favored nobility. They should have the same rights and restrictions as the rest of us, no more, no less.
 - Voter ID: Cautiously support it to protect voter fraud, but I'm skeptical that it won't hurt more than it would help.
 - Compulsory Voting: Never. We're better off if people who don't understand how important voting is don't get a say in the system. And I'm against making anything compulsory at all.
 - Statehood: Let in DC, PR, and anyone else.
 - Organization of Government: Limit the power of both the executive and judicial branches. The power should be held in a representative, proportional congress. Also give state and local government's more power relative to the federal government, but with the main goal to give the individual sovereign power over themselves.

Overall I'm for limited government. The government should be there to ensure our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, not to enforce "equality" or some moral standard.
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