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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 429255 times)
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Political Matrix
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« on: June 07, 2015, 03:54:08 am »

Social issues
Abortion: I believe that women (and men) should have complete control over their bodies, and therefore support the right to abortion, for reasons of conveneience or otherwise.
LGBT/Feminism: I support marriage equality and, as a transgendered person, support laws that protect our human dignity and the destigmatization of our gender identity. I am also a feminist and support all efforts to kill the rape culture and end gender discrimination. I am personally opposed to prostitution, but a woman should feel free to sell her body if she wants to do so voluntarily.
Drugs/Tobacco/Etc: I oppose subjecting minor vices to regressive taxation, let alone criminalization. Legalize all drugs, repeal all sin taxes, set a uniform age of majority for access to these substances. Drug addiction should be dealt with as a medical condition.
Gun Control: Generally opposed. I am more concerned with demilitarizing the police than disarming the public.
Immigration: I support the free movement of people and full blanket amnesty for undocumented workers.
Death Penalty: I oppose the state murdering people as a punishment, especially given the abundant imperfections in our justice system.

Economic issues
Labor: I believe in worker solidarity and empowerment through democratization of the work place and horizontal organization. Collective bargaining rights should be fiercely protected.
Safety net: Strongly support subsidizing for food, housing, transportation, and internet access for the working class.
Minimum Wage: I am of the belief that business are unfairly dumping their labor costs on the safety net when the pay wages that their employees could not realistically live on. I support the 15$/hr mimimum wage as advocated by 15Now.
Taxation: I support returning the capital gains and federal income tax rate to 1956 levels. I'm fine with the current corporate rate, I care more about closing he loopholes that allow big businesses to pay little to no taxes.
Trade: I support punitive tariffs on abusers of human rights, even if that means less cheap stuff to choose from at Walmart.
Social Security: Abolish the cap on pay roll taxes so that they are more progressive, oppose all privatization.
Health Care:  I completely reject the ACA as a working class funded handout to the private health insurance industry. I want it repealed and replaced with a national health service that provides free comprehensive medical care and prescriptioms for all.

Foreign Policy/National Security:
Military Intervention/Spending: I am categorically opposed to imperalism and favor a smaller, exclusively domestic military. I am not an isolationist, I do support keeping solidarity with international worker struggles and people's liberation movements in the form of material support.
Human rights: I oppose maintaining full diplomatic and economic relations with human rights abusers such as China, Saudi Arabia, etc
NSA/PATRIOT Act: 100% opposed to trading civil liberties for security. The undisputed right to privacy should be written into the constitution.
ISIS: We shouldn't legitamize ISIS as a "country" with a declaration of war. Overall, it's the responsibility of the countries in the region to dismantle ISIS, the US has nothing to gain by dedicating its self to another protracted military conflict with a loosely organized terrorist group.

Electoral reform: Support implementing IRV, proportional representation, public financing of elections, and abolishing ballot access laws that discriminate against third parties. I oppose term limits.
Arts/Public Radio: I strongly support subsidizing the arts, museums, commercial free public radio, and other culturally beneficial institutions
Education: K-12 should be well funded, through tax dollars and not weird gimmicks like standardized testing and sin taxes, with the goal being to teach to each students potential.  Support providing university and trade school free of charge.
Environment/Energy: Climate change is real, anthropogenic, and bad. I support  enacting tough carbon emission standards, even at the cost of economic output. I also  support nationalizing the energy sector.
Banking: I support nationalizing the banking system and prosecuting the crooked Wall Street executives responsible for the Great recession.
Gambling: Ambivalent. It's ultimately a bad thing for the working class, but it's the sort of indiscretion that I prefer not to criminalize.
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