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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 459270 times)
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« on: September 03, 2015, 07:53:34 pm »
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Well, time for me to do this since I don't want to go to sleep yet Curly I'm not so sure as to what I should call my ideology: it is a mix of Zionism, conservatism, capitalism, and libertarianism. That is not going to make me popular, but I was never here for that anyway.

Social issues: Libertarian when it comes to government intervention, conservative when it comes to values.
Economic policy: Free-market capitalist/fiscal conservative/libertarian-light, with the exception of healthcare.
Foreign policy: Anti-supranationalist. Hawk. Neocon, except for the fact that I believe in spreading real freedom instead of democracy. Slightly libertarian when it comes to privacy issues.

Social Issues

Abortion: Abortion should be legal until ten weeks of pregnancy. No tax-payer money should flow to abortion clinics. My stance isn't really consequent and I'm the first one to admit that, but consequent views on abortion are by definition bizarre and undesirable.

Drug legalization: All drugs should be legal. The War on Drugs has not only been ineffective, it has been immoral. The government does not have the right to decide what one does with one's own body. The quality of popular drugs will increase if legalized. However, charity-based organizations for addiction treatment need to be supported by the government from a healthcare perspective, and the government should voice strong opposition to drug use: ruining your own body might be your own choice, but it is immoral. The government should certainly not provide places to use drugs.

Euthanasia: All people have the right to end their own lives, and euthanasia should be legal. However, a trajectory with a medic and a psychologist should be manadatory - ending your life is a method of last resort, it should not be an easy way out. In a community-based, decentralized society focused on the family, the amount of suicides - skyrocketing in our individualistic, materialistic society - will decrease.

LGBT rights: Equal marriage should be legal: the government should treat all citizens equally. At the same time, the government has no right to force people to do business with anybody. While governments do not have the right to discriminate, citizens do. Of course, a homophobic company should be boycotted by the public, but that's up to consumers. No tax-payer money should be spent on transgender surgery, but it should be legal for people to finance this privately, even though a trajectory with a psychologist would be preferable.

Gun control: I am generally favoring the American status-quo, although open carry should be legal everywhere. I support stand-your-ground laws and I oppose Constitution-Free Zones where guns are banned. Everyone should, ideally, know how to shoot and how to defend themselves.

Immigration: In the US, I am a moderate on immigration, supporting reform while opposing giving citizenship or residency to illegals. In Europe, I am against mass immigration from the third world, but in favor of giving educated people from Western countries residency. I support the free movement of goods and services that the EU established, but I would like to see this enforced in an intergovernemental treaty, not enforced by the dictatorial EU. I support Denmark's short-lived effort to take back control over its borders from the EU bureaucrats. In general, I support a combination of Canada's immigration laws for high-potential immigrants and a policy even stronger than Denmark's for low-potential-high-cost immigrants who have values that clash with Western ones (these people should be discouraged to come). If you're a serious/violent criminal and you have two passports, you should lose your Dutch passport (and right to residency in the Netherlands) after three strikes.

Prostitution: Prostitution is degrading and immoral, but it should be legal in order to protect prostitutes. However, pandering and streetwalking should be outlawed: women are not objects and pandering leads to abuse and crime. Programs for prostitutes to leave "the world" should be supported. This seems closest to the Danish model to me.

Affirmative action: I am fundamentally opposed to affirmative action, as it is racist, whereas governments should treat all citizens equally. However, private organizations are free to implement "affirmative action" policies and any other racist policies if they wish so, because there is no such thing as a right not to be discriminated against by private actors. Of course, this should lead to a public boycott.

Economic Issues

Taxation: Taxes are necessary, but too much taxation is theft. A flat income tax of around 20% should do the trick. I oppose taxing savings and I despise any form of "death tax". I am also against VAT.

Balanced budget amendment: Should be implemented in all countries, ideally.

Minimum wage: Against. Minimum wages hurt the working class and lead to unemployment. In general, a constitutional provision should force the government to restrain its influence on the economy.

Healthcare: A moral government doesn't let its poor citizens die of illness. I support providing basic public healthcare. If one wants more than that, one should look for private options. However, healthcare is one of the issues on which I'm more liberal in practice than in theory: I don't really mind if the government does more regarding healthcare. Some European countries have excellent systems. In practice, I would probably support a more (/truly) privatized version of the Dutch healthcare system. Obamacare is the worst of both worlds. Either single-payer or total privatization would be better.

Right-to-Work: I obviously support this. Companies should hire and fire people as they please.

Trade: I fully support free trade. That has to do with understanding basic economics. I support the free trade zone within the EU, I support TTIP, and if I would be American, I would certainly support NAFTA. I am against protectionism and tariff walls, which always hurt your own economy.

Climate Change (why is this listed under "economy"?): Help Third World countries prepare for the worst regarding sea-level rise, which should be the focus point of foreign aid (which should be cut for other things, except for furthering of national interests). Try to reduce emissions somewhat. Let the market do its work in finding solutions for this problem.

Foreign Policy:
EU: I support the single market, the free movements of goods and persons, and the deregulation the EU brought about. I oppose supranationalism. I support far-reaching reforms to stop the "ever closer union" from becoming a federal superstate. Brussels should be there for effective, intergovernmental opt-in cooperation. In practice, I am sceptical about the chances this kind of reforms have, so I support leaving the EU. I support the idea of a Northern European common currency for financially responsible countries.

Intelligence: While I think intelligence services are moral, legitimate, and necessary, spying on ordinary citizens has gone too far. Citizens should not be seen as a threat - citizens should be safe from threats, and the government shouldn't curb one's freedom. I support privacy laws to keep the government and overly "interested" companies out of people's business. I support some parts of the Patriot Act, but oppose others.

NATO: I'm ashamed by the European tendency to let the US pay for our expenses just because Europeans have become pacifist progressives. The NATO is a great organization and the Netherlands should spend 5% of its GDP on Defense before 2020 - at this moment, we don't even reach the bare minimum of 2% required of NATO members. The world is a dangerous place and civilized countries should stand together in fighting evil.

Cuba: Normalization of the relations is essentially a good thing, but it should have gone slower. Now, the Obama administration has once again showed its defeatist face.

Afghanistan: The worst victim of geopolitical games. This place will obviously be taken over by terrorists again. I see no real reason to be here anymore.

Iraq/Syria/ISIS: Give the Kurds and the Assyrians their own state. Bomb the hell out of ISIS. Establish "safe zones" for refugees. It's going to be a mess anyway, but let's make it somewhat less of a mess.

Iran: I'm totally opposed to the deal. The US and the NATO should make sure Iran will never have nuclear bombs - of which not Israel, but the Persian people would be the biggest victims: they will be hijacked by a dangerous regime - and the military option should have a prominent place at the negotiation table. Iran needs to improve its human rights policy drastically. Regime change should be supported and if the current situation doesn't change, military involvement might be a good option.

Israel: The eternal homeland of the Jewish people. No territorial compromise is acceptable (except for Gaza, a lost cause). In the long run, we should be moving toward a situation in which Arabs and Jews will peacefully live together, as good neighbors in one country. On the short term, increasing Jewish presence in Yehuda and Shomron is essential. Israel should immediately ban NGOs that seek to end its existence as a Jewish state from operating in Israel (including Yehuda and Shomron). Terrorists should get the death penalty and soldiers' rights should be preserved better. Jews should have the right to pray at the Temple Mount. Israel should gradually become independent from US aid: let's work together as equals. Egypt should be pushed by the US and Israel into incorporating Gaza. Recognize "Palestine"... as a terrorist organization.

UN: The playfield for dictators. All decent countries should leave this joke of an organization.
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