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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 427473 times)
YaBB God
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« on: November 16, 2014, 04:17:02 pm »

Party: Republican
Ideology: Conservative

I'll go issue by issue. No need for long explanations.  Basically, a conservative Republican who has a few liberal views (global warming for one), but is uniformly otherwise conservative, pro-civil liberties, and is an internationalist that believes in America projecting her power.

Social Issues

Abortion: Oppose in all cases except mother's life. Life begins at conception. I firmly believe in this and this is one of my criteria for any Republican Presidential candidates seeking my support.

Guns: Pro-Second Amendment. Support universal background checks, but no restrictions on guns otherwise.

Gay Rights: Pro-gay rights and gay marriage, on grounds that we keep families together and it promotes families.
Oppose ENDA, however, as an unconstitutional infringement on employment practices.

Euthanasia: I support euthanasia for terminal illnesses, along the lines of Oregon's Right to Die law.

Religious Freedoms: Supportive. Supported the Alito majority decision in Hobby Lobby. Oppose forcing religious institutions from distributing birth control, etc.

Supreme Court: Support a textual reading of the Constitution, rather than the expansive "living Constitution" approach supported by liberals. Creating rights out of thin air is a bad idea, for many reasons. The judiciary should stick to reading the text of the Constitution, and the intents of the Framers, in applying the Constitution, as well as the English precedents that set the basis for our legal system.

Death Penalty: Firmly a supporter. Broaden the crimes that we use the death penalty for and limit appeals.
War on Drugs: A failed idea. Decriminalize and legalize, as needed, except for heroin, meth, and cocaine. End the DEA's powers and oversight, except for heroin, meth, and cocaine. Legalize marijuana, completely.

Affirmative Action: Completely opposed. Meritocratic systems require meritocratic standards.

Embryonic Stem Cell Research: Supportive, and believe in the science.

Common Core: No real opinion; the states implemented it and they should set the standards for education.

Evolution: Clearly happened. Support local education boards teaching evolution as accepted science, and exclude religious teachings from science classes.

Economic and Government Issues:

Taxes: This requires a longer explanation. I support tax cuts of almost any kind, and believe that taxes should be as low and flat as possible. In practical terms, I am for a flat tax on individuals, with elimination of almost all standard deductions, and undecided on how to structure corporate tax reform (either eliminating it or ending all deductions and going with a low 10% tax rate, and allow small businesses to have a smaller tax rate of 5% on the federal level).  Tax reform is another major issue for me.

There is one tax I am open to. I would be, given global warming, be open to a carbon tax, as long as it was offset in other areas for all involved.

Spending: Balance the budget, as much as possible each year. A BBA is impractical, for a variety of reasons, otherwise, I would be far more supportive. I am generally supportive of cutting spending to balance the budget, in all areas, and auditing all levels of government, including Defense (with the caveat that I still, on balance, support Defense spending to be strong enough to protect the United States and to project global power). Combine several Cabinet agencies to achieve greater efficiencies, and so on. Regulations should be audited, revised and stripped if useless.

Defense Spending: The Pentagon should have as much as it needs to continue the United States' military and technological edge over every other nations, and our enemies combined. That said, it should be audited for waste annually, and contractors should win contracts based on an open bidding process. Balance these two goals and we should be fine.

Trade: Complete free trader. I want a global trade pact that eliminates all trade barriers, subsidies, and support for local industries, with the caveat that developing nations are given 20 years to develop their industries to come into the trade pact as fully mature nations. Free trade is a big issue for me and I am supportive of all free trade agreements.

Social Security and Medicare Reform: I would have opposed their creation. I still feel they're an unconstitutional violation of the Constitution, but they're here to stay. With that in mind, I support the RyanCare approach to Medicare, and oppose privatization of Social Security as impractical. Flat out, we should reduce benefits to Social Security recipients, beginning in the 2030s.  Raise the retirement age to 70 for Social Security and Medicare.

ObamaCare: I support the exchanges, oppose the Medicaid Expansion, and pretty much oppose all of the law except the exchanges. The exchanges have conservative roots, and are a great idea. But overall, the law is a terrible idea. We should be pushing down costs through free market reforms, and I have a few in mind, such as taking on the obesity epidemic, and other cost controlling measures. But in general, any future health care reforms should be structured around the exchanges, and reasonable cost control measures.

Right to Work: Completely support it, and would further dismantle the protections labor unions enjoy under federal executive orders. Support extending Taft-Hartley. I would be happy if we could take on public unions and dismantle them as we have done to unions in the private sector. Greatly weaken the Labor Department.

Federal Minimum Wage Hike: Completely oppose. I would support setting the private market set the floor for the minimum wage.

Immigration, Foreign Issues, National Security:

Immigration: Oppose a wall (impractical), but strongly believe that we should have a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants, on the condition they learn English, attain some educational experience, and prove that they're equipped with skills to work here. Otherwise, send them home. Support a constitutional amendment on prohibiting illegal immigration after this round of immigration reform, and support border security first and foremost.

Iraq and Afghanistan: Supported the War in Iraq and still do; turned against the war in Afghanistan in 2009, as mismanaged. (Bush corrected course in 2007 in Iraq). However, I support continued American involvement in the world, as someone who believes that America has a strong role to play on the global stage (the United States is the last best hope of mankind - meaning that America should not withdraw into Fortress America, but continue to project power and influence). Therefore, the United States should be actively fighting ISIS, etc. and working to develop a better governing coalition in both nations that can lead these nations into peace.

Syria:  Support the Freedom Syria fighters, fighting the Assad regime. While of questionable origin, ousting a despotic regime is not a bad thing.

Iran: Continue the Obama accords, and to slowly reintegrate Iran into the international community, while making them give up their nuclear ambitions. This is far better than the alternatives.

PATRIOT Act: I support revamping it to accommodate the concerns of civil libertarians. I believe that reform is better than abolition, at this point -- revamp or abolish Section 215, and other sections. I would also support limiting the power of the government to spy on its own citizens and to collect data, without judicial oversight. Have a judge approve and oversee the program - a duly appointed and confirmed judge, and possibly rotating judges, from different parties/ideologies. All investigations should operate under a judge's approval, whether domestic or foreign. The government can continue to hunt down terrorists, and they should, but do it constitutionally.

Israel: Complete support of Israel and oppose any Palestinian homeland. Palestine and other Arabic nations have acted only to weaken Israel, rather than to gain a true homeland for Palestine. I believe, then, in supporting Netanyahu's government and the goal of keeping Israel unified, and Jerusalem under Israeli/Jewish control.

Global Warming: Global warming is real, manmade, and the United States must lead the way in combating it. I would support accords to create cap and trade compacts, limiting green house gas emissions, and transiting our energy use to as much renewable energy as possible. The third world should be helped in their transition to using solar and other renewable energies and cleaning up the environment, to reduce greenhouse gases. A carbon tax should (if offset) be considered for use here at home. I am not a fan of cap and trade, if given the carbon tax as an option, but otherwise, use all strategies to tackle global warming.

YaBB God
Posts: 3,796

« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2014, 09:56:35 pm »

Well, Coolidge was not an entire isolationist. The Kellog-Briand Pact of 1928 is one example. But yeah, Coolidge was too off hands during the 1920s, in foreign policy. The refusal to join the League of Nations, etc. was a poor move. So (IMHO) was the refusal to embrace free trade. Had Coolidge and his Republican contemporaries done that and the Federal Reserve been far more generous than it was, the Great Depression's effects might have been significantly helped. Ditto getting off the gold standard (England did it in 1930 and had a lighter impact than we did).

I should have added I believe the United Nations should be disbanded and replaced by a far more pro-Western and pro-democracy organization dedicated to the muscular enforcement of America's post World War II ideals of free trade, democratic rule, and capitalism.
YaBB God
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« Reply #2 on: February 23, 2017, 01:36:03 pm »
« Edited: May 04, 2017, 06:11:36 pm by TD »

Stole this from Frodo.  (INcluding some of the wording)


Social: Libertarian/Right
Economic: Center-Right
Foreign: Neoconservative/Realist
Registration: Republican


Abortion/Reproductive Rights: Pro-life, favor the Hyde Amendment, and oppose abortions in all cases but the mother's life. Roe should be overturned.
Marriage Equality/LGBTQ Issues: Support sending marriage to the states. Generally supportive of LGBTQ rights. I oppose the NC transgender law, support the Indiana RFR law.
Death Penalty: Strongly favor the death penalty upon DNA confirmation or absolute confirmation of a crime. Should be also applicable for rape.
Religious Freedom: Strong supporter of religious freedoms for all faiths and those with no faith belief at all. Favor religious liberty laws for bakers and other businesses.
Drug Legalization: Strongly in favor of legalizing it for both medical and recreational usage. Likewise favor LSD legalized and all classes of drugs being decriminalized.
Guns: Oppose the assault weapons ban, oppose gun regulation. Also support conceal carry. Support background checks and closing the gunshow loophole.  
Euthanasia: I am for euthanasia and assisted suicide as an individual right.
Black Lives Matter/Police/Criminal Justice Reform: Strong supporter of criminal justice and police reform and #BlackLivesMatter. Such stance doesn't make me "anti-police." I however also believe in cameras to help cops and the community. Likewise, I would want to encourage "community policing."
Transgender Issues: I strongly believe that trans people have the right to enter the bathrooms/locker rooms of the gender matching their identity and that transphobia be condemned.
Sex Education: I strongly support sex education in schools, starting from middle school.
Education: I believe in limiting the power of the Department of Education to set curriculum over the states. For colleges, I would pop the "student loan" bubble and restructure FAFSA aid to deflate that bubble.  
Affirmative Action: Opposed to it, completely. Either class-based, or merit.
Judges: Favor constructionist judges sitting on the Supreme Court and in the lower judiciary, that interpret the Constitution based on original intent, not a "living Constitution" text.


Taxes: I favor a two tax bracket of 35% and 20% with those making under $30,000 single having all income exempt from taxation, including payroll taxes. That said, tax reform should be enacted gradually so that our revenues match our spending and we aren't suddenly halving the revenue stream overnight.  I do favor a very strong estate tax of 65% on estates over $5 million.
Trade: Unapologetic free trader, in favor of NAFTA, CAFTA, TPP (minus the biologics section), and want a global market free from subsidies, quotas, and restrictions on trade. Oppose, of course, all subsidies, restrictions on trade, imports taxes, etc.
Social Security/Medicare: Significantly overhaul and limit benefits to the truly indigent and needy who need healthcare coverage and disability and other benefits to survive in old age. Didn't like their creation and believe we have a vastly expansive welfare state that needs curtailing.
Budgets: Hold spending down alongside tax reform to gradually enact real spending reforms that allow us to balance our budget. A BBA is unfeasible, but in general, our spending should be slowly curtailed and I favored the House GOP's hardline on spending.
Defense Spending: Limit defense spending to what we need to maintain America's hegemony.  Don't overspend, if we can help it. Cut down independent contracting in the defense industry.
Minimum Wage: Oppose it as unnecessary. 5% of all workers work for the minimum wage and it hurts teen youths and others just entering teh job market.
Labor Unions: Really hate them. End collective bargaining for public sector unions and support RTW states.
Financial Regulation: Support financial regulation that is common sense. No 1000 pages of regulations. I oppose Glass-Steagall being reinstated and I oppose Dodd-Frank but I would support a variation of common sense liberal regulation and an extremely strong and independent SEC to regulate Wall Street.

Foreign Policy

Russia/NATO: Completely, unapologetically, and vehemently anti-Russia. Moscow is among our enemies and we should undermine it in Ukraine, Georgia, and Syria, and maintain (and tighten) sanctions on Moscow. The eventual goal is to break up Russia and force it to become a rump state incapable of challenging the United States. I also strongly favor NATO remaining in force to stop the Kremlin.
Radical Islam: Use a mix of covert operations, drone strikes, and infiltration of radical Islamic groups to destroy them. The Muslim ban is stupid primarily because it converts swing Muslims in the Middle East and elsewhere from turning on the Mullahs and the radicals and deprives us of assets that would help us defeat the radicals. Eventually force the Muslim world to embrace a secular revolution that divorces power from the Mullahs in society and puts the Middle East on a road to peace and secular growth.
Israel: Avowedly pro-Israel. She is our main Middle East ally and must remain so. We must defend Israel at all costs from her Arabic neighbors, who would like to see her wiped out.
Immigration: All illegal immigrants in the country should be deported if they came after 2017. However, all prior illegal immigrants should have a pathway to citizenship provided they learn English and pay fines. e-Verify should be the standard for all businesses. No welfare benefits to illegal immigrants or education benefits. Expand legal quotas and require that all immigrants coming to the United States have a college education or some sort of essential skills.
Iran: Support the deal on Iran on the grounds that it removes an enemy of the United States from the table and frees our hands in the Middle East.


Climate Change: It is real and we need to impose a revenue-neutral carbon tax (that would return all revenues to small businesses and taxpayers).
EPA: Maintain strong support for the EPA. Our planet is our future and we need to balance growth with environmental protection, but let's not hesitate to challenge corporate polluters and stand up to them.


ObamaCare: HP law but maintain it on the books. Limit the Medicare expansion. Enact sweeping changes to healthcare law that would lower costs while expanding the pool of covered people. Limit subsidies to those who maintain a healthy BMI and don't smoke.
Drug patents: Consider broad patents of 10 years and then allow them to become considered generic. End re-buying of patents to hike drug prices. Allow drug importation from Canada.


Gerrymandering: Let it continue. It's a practice as old as the Republic and we will be fine if state legislatures and governors - elected representatives - dictate the lines.
Campaign Finance Reform: No limits - but likewise, no 503(c) groups and no advocacy groups that hide donors. All donors must be disclosed, and no soft money in politics. No donations from unions and corporations allowed. All donations must be individual - based.
Term Limits: As Mitch McConnell said, we have them. They're called elections.
YaBB God
Posts: 3,796

« Reply #3 on: February 23, 2017, 04:01:20 pm »

Gerrymandering: Let it continue. It's a practice as old as the Republic and we will be fine if state legislatures and governors - elected representatives - dictate the lines.

Why though? Just because it is old doesn't make it right. The fact that it helps politicians stay in power is why it has gone on for so long - it is incredibly difficult to get someone to vote for something that may cost them their job, or their ability to push their agenda via party majorities.

If it is about elected officials - you can still mandate bipartisan commissions made of legislators that have rules prohibiting partisan/incumbent gerrymandering. Yes, the maps can still end up skewed one way or another, but it can be reduced and open to litigation if the commission ignores the rules. The absurdity of what is going on now, aided by technology and tons of data on voting patterns makes gerrymandering far too damaging to be ignored any longer.

Look at the North Carolina delegation - 10-3 Republican. In a state that only leans Republican and is highly polarized. There is no way that delegation represents NC as a whole. It represents one party at the expense of the other because that one party got to draw the lines, and because of that, those 10 seats are largely noncompetitive in all but a good-sized backlash against the GOP.

I don't want to clutter this thread so I'll put up a new thread answering this later in this forum. Smiley
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