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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 427462 times)
Free Bird
Concerned Citizen
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Political Matrix
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« on: September 27, 2014, 07:05:22 pm »

Based from NickCT but changed to my own
Social Policy:
Abortion: Pro-choice, keep abortion safe, legal, and rare, but only during the first trimester.
Gay Marriage: Fully supportive of LGBT rights.
Drugs: Follow the Portugal model.
Stem Cell Research: Stem Cell research saves lives should be expanded.
Death Penalty: Only for murder.
Gun control: Institute universal background checks,but nothing else. Sharply oppose national registry
Affirmative Action: Racially-based affirmative action is reverse discrimination, and I support its full repeal.
Women's Rights: I support an ERA and the passage of equal pay.

Economic Issues:
Minimum Wage: A small increase ($10.10 is too high) and balance it with targeted cuts for small businesses.
Welfare: Cut welfare off after 2 years.
Right-to-Work: Fully support Right-to-Work.
Taxation: Cut taxes across the board. Repeal all sales and estate taxes, and instill tariffs and consumption taxes instead.
Healthcare: Make doctors' paychecks come from taxes, like postal workers
Social Security: Privatize, but keep the federal part, too
Education: More funding to education, allow school vouchers.  Additionally, we need to get rid of Common Core and eliminate teacher tenure.
Balanced Budget Amendment: Aye

Foreign Policy and National Security
Iran: Diplomacy is the best course of action.
Iraq/Syria: We aren't the police of the world, but ISIS killed Americans. That justifies attack in my book
Military Spending: There certainly exists waste in the Department, find it and eliminate it.
PATRIOT Act: Destroy it
NSA Spying: Destroy this also.
Israel/Palestine: We must recognize Israel's blatant disregard for human life, but it is wrong to say that their actions are not justified.  I ultimately side with Israel, but I'm not blind about the errors in their ways.
Immigration: Make the legal immigration process much simpler, strengthen the border, and then provide a pathway to citizenship for illegals.

Climate Change: It aint real, but still act like it was and take action to prevent it
Green Energy: Invest in alternate energy. It's good for the environment, creates jobs, and helps us achieve energy independence, but maintain oil
Keystone XL Pipeline: We need this pipeline to create jobs, and I believe it is worth it.

Electoral Reform
Electoral College: Destroy it. Popular vote
Gerrymandering: Keep it nonpartisan
Presidential term: The president should serve one six-year term without the ability to run for reelection.  This would make the Office more effective and help combat a lot of the government's problems. (Never thought of this. Good idea.)
Public Financing: Complete public financing of campaigns, removing outside groups and the like will do a great deal to helping our political system.  I used to hate the idea, but the inability of Congress to work has changed my mind.
Term limits: No more than twelve years in the legislative branch, for a total of twenty four if you want to be in both houses
Voter ID: I have no problem with Voter ID's, Connecticut has had the law for as long as I can remember, but the recent attempts in the South are clearly being done for political reasons.  We should want to prevent voter fraud, but we should help qualified voters get identification.
Voting: I support instant-run-off voting.
Free Bird
Concerned Citizen
Posts: 5,892
United States

Political Matrix
E: 0.84, S: -5.48

« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2015, 09:01:43 pm »

Someone make sure darthebearnc never gets into office. Mandatory euthanasia defines Orwellian. Yeah, screw that Second Amendment!
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