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October 26, 2020, 04:31:10 PM

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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 461994 times)
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« on: August 20, 2017, 05:19:02 PM »

Did this before but let's see what has changed. I borrowed from Scott I guess?

Social: Libertarian-ish
Economic: Conservative/Libertarian
Foreign Policy: Libertarian
Political Registration: Republican

Social Policy
Abortion: Pro-life except for when the mother's life is at risk.

Same-Sex Marriage: Government shouldn't be involved in marriage. Let consenting adults decide who they want to be involved with.

Conversion Therapy: If it's run by the private sector, I don't care.

Transgender Issues: Unsure.

Drugs: All drugs should be legal

Death Penalty: The state does not have the right to execute someone

Gun Control: No bans on guns. I am open to having gun licences for people once they are 18 and 21, but no registration of guns or bans on what weapons one can hold

Affirmative Action: Opposed to but there is room for some of the policies.

Prostitution: Legal

Euthanasia: Legal

Immigration: Open borders once the welfare state is abolished.

Police Issues/Black Lives Matter: Police brutality should have heavy repercussions. Body cameras should be implemented. Individuals should have the right to defend themselves against the police force.

Free Speech/Political Correctness: PC sucks.

School Prayer: Schools have a moment of silence for this. That's all that's needed.

Muslim Ban: Muslim bans are illegal but banning refugees from Muslim countries is not the same thing

PATRIOT ACT/NSA Spying: Abolish the NSA and the Patriot Act

TSA: Abolish

Economic Issues
Minimum Wage: Abolish

Welfare: Abolish and replace with UBI (Don't really agree with but meh)

Social Security: Privatize

Healthcare: Abolish Obamacare.

Globalization/Trade: Support free trade but oppose deals like NAFTA.

Deficit/Debt: Cut spending and stop borrowing.

Campaign Finance Reform: No need for reform besides removing restrictions.

Unions: Unions are cancer

Energy: Private sector

Job Creation: private sector

Education: Private sector

Taxes: Flat tax of 14%. Everyone making under 100k does not pay it.

Foreign Policy
Only go to war as last resort. Sanctions are an act of war. Foreign aid is unconstitutional. Get rid of bases in other countries.
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